"My half-life with Perl" from OSCON 2013 live encore performance

I've been asked by a couple of Perl groups to give a virtual presentation. Writing new material that would only have been shown once is a lot of work for a small reward.

But, I just happened to be cleaning out my virtual junk drawer, and stumbled across my "half my life with Perl" slide deck that I had presented at OSCON 2013. Most of the stuff is timeless, as it describes Perl's first 25 years, and my second 25 years and how I influenced Perl, and Perl influenced me, and how my company (Stonehenge) was changed by all of this, and in some ways even changed all of this as well.

Please tune in at 6pm Pacific Time (currently UTC-7) on Monday the 22nd to watch it live. I will try to read the comments quickly at the end of the show and answer any questions as well. The video will remain permanently on Youtube at the address below.

Live link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VMz7GINc2E

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