• Commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction
    There is a 'repr' trait that lets you specify which type of reference to use for the object ID, so you can extend non-mop classes. You'd have to use accessors for inherited attributes, though....
  • Commented on Simplified error cleanup with Filter::Cleanup
    See Scope::Cleanup for a solution that doesn't source filters at all....
  • Commented on Perl testing with Jenkins/Hudson: avoiding some pitfalls
    You can Point TAP::Harness::Archive at an empty directory to get per-script output in the form expected by the plugin....
  • Commented on smart-matching and sub funhouse
    You can already call subs as methods, but to avoid confusion with a method called "sub", you need to wrap them in a scalar deref: file('file.txt')->${\sub ($f) { say $f->slurp; }};...
  • Commented on Perl and Parsing 12: Beating up on the "use" statement
    Wow, I had no idea the perl parser was that loose. A better approach than expanding the allowed list syntaxes would be to deprecate the reversed syntax and make it emit a warning, and then remove it completely in a...
  • Commented on DBD::SQLite 1.35 release planned for 22nd of November
    DBIx::Class passes its test fine with 1.34_02, except for two which were relying on undocumented behaviour (exact syntax of the 'datatype mismatch' exception and DISTINCT() and GROUP BY on the same column implicitly sorting the result identically). These are now...
  • Commented on 80% Hacks
    I ran this on a part of the work codebase, and it didn't find bugs so much as old, dead, now-useless, leftover bits of code. Which should of course also be got rid of, but it's less urgent than outright...
  • Commented on Moving to Amsterdam to work for
    On X11, by using the compose key, specifically "Compose A E"....
  • Commented on Book review: Catalyst 5.8 The Perl MVC Framework has permalinks directly to the documentation for individual modules, they're linked from the top-right corner of each page and look like this:
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  • :m) commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction

    Thank you for doing this.

    My first impression: I mostly like how the code looks and that we get "safe" objects.
    In a small example, the error messages I got were sensible and the script loaded fast.

    I wonder if we could get the "colon-field notation" used by Object::InsideOut, e.g.

    As for a more in-dept analysis it would be cool to read more posts of Perl gods regarding the mop.

  • Stevan Little commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction

    nObody - it should be backportable to at least 5.16 and possibly even 5.14 (as a less performant CPAN version (basically the prototype with improvements and tweaks)).

    As for the new syntax, actually it is not anything terribly new, its been part of Perl 6 for a good ~10 years now


  • Damien "dams" Krotkine commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction

    @gpiero: No, the right term of has $!foo = ... is not evaluated always, but only if $!foo has not been passed.

  • Smylers commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction

    Thank you for writing this — it's a useful explanation of what the project is about, and has made me eager for its success.

  • Stevan Little commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction

    gpiero - I think that //= would be more confusing to the user then just =, for both you would have to explain that the value is not created immediately and only created upon instance creation. As for just plain // that too would be confusing because it would have very different semantics from how it works in the rest of the language.

    I understand that the = will be uncomfortable to some users, but I think once people learn that a class block is not just a package (as they are currently used to with Perl OO) that it will feel less awkward.

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