DBD::SQLite 1.35 release planned for 22nd of November

It's been a fairly quiet year for DBD::SQLite, but largely in a positive sense.

The release rate and delta of SQLite itself has been fairly tame, and in Perl land we've seen a significant reduction in the severity of bugs compared to 2010.

Because of the significance of DBD::SQLite and the need for extended testing periods, it has been my policy to allow smaller fixes to accumulate without doing a release and to release DBD::SQLite in line with SQLite releases that recommend upgrading.

The recent 3.7.8 release of SQLite does not come with an upgrade recommendation for our current SQLite version, but does suggest upgrading as optional. This release contains some significant index performance improvements (described as "orders of magnitude faster") for large CREATE INDEX commands, and DISTINCT, ORDER BY and GROUP BY
statements are now faster in all cases.

The 3.7.8 release also contains some changes to make SQLite play nicer with Windows anti-virus programs.

I personally have several use cases that would benefit significantly from these changes, and I'm sure there are many other similar cases.

As a result, I would like to do the next production release of DBD::SQLite now with the optional upgrade, rather than waiting for the next official upgrade recommendation.

As the recent changes to binding may result in breakages, I'll be allowing an extended period for testing. This is in line with previous requests from downstream packagers and corporate QA departments to allow for longer testing periods in periods of significant change.

Pending any further bugs which result in significant changes, I'm planning an initial release date of the 22nd of November, some time in Sydney business hours.

If you have significant downstream dependencies, please start testing now with the current 1.34_02 release.

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DBIx::Class passes its test fine with 1.34_02, except for two which were relying on undocumented behaviour (exact syntax of the 'datatype mismatch' exception and DISTINCT() and GROUP BY on the same column implicitly sorting the result identically).

These are now fixed in git, and I'll make sure we have a release out well before the DBD::SQLite 1.35 release.

DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader passes all its tests on 1.34_02 as well.

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