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  • Alex Balhatchet commented on Introduction to wirting readable and maintainable Perl

    @pyrimidine - thanks for the typo correction :)

    @nxadm - thanks! would you mind if I used that photo on

    @SawyerX - good to see you too! Playing with Dancer a bit, will have to get on IRC and pick your brains sometime!

    @Matthew - sorry for the confusion re: defined() vs truthiness, I did say in my talk that they were different but obviously that doesn't come through in the slides. If/when I update it for YAPC I'll see what I can do to make things clearer :) Also note that the "warn()" and "print STDERR" examples do different things too ;)

  • commented on Introduction to wirting readable and maintainable Perl

    Alex, no problem. Use the picture.

  • eliezel commented on Perl 5.19.x performance improvements

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