Looking for new maintainer for Memcached::libmemcached

Howdy folks.

I offered to help Tim Bunce maintain Memcached::libmemcached earlier this year and managed to get a single release out with a few fixes.

I intended a second release to solve some compilation issues, but never got around it, and I'm not sure I ever will - there's still more work to do to there, and my time/interests have moved on.

I'm looking for someone to take over maintainership of this. Bug reports have been fairly minimal so far, most of it coming down to "Please update to latest upstream version" or "allow to link against system version instead of bundled version."

See https://github.com/timbunce/Memcached-libmemcached/issues for more about the above.

If this sounds of interest to you, please let me or Tim know - we'd love to have someone keep this going.


-- Matthew Horsfall (alh)

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