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  • About: I'm a developer currently working as a build automation engineer for an e-commerce services company. I've been working with Perl since 1994, and although I started focused on web applications I've gradually moved into toolsmithing and custom applications. My PAUSE/CPAN ID is MJGARDNER, and I usually host my public development efforts on GitHub.
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  • commented on Authors vs. Contributors

    My off-the-cuff thoughts:

    • "authors" would be people that get listed in META.* metadata vs "contributors" making contributions, but not being on the hook for contact about the module (which is the definition in the CPAN::Meta::Spec)
    • In some licenses, e.g. Apache 2.0, the term "contributor" has specific meaning, whereas "author" would really mean "licensor" in such a license.

    Ultimately, I think it's a fine idea to acknowledge con…

  • Jason Tang commented on Authors vs. Contributors

    "My philosophy is to share credit liberally. There's plenty to go around. An author is a contributor and vice versa.

    Maintainership is different. Someone must guide the project for the long term. If the demarcation of that responsibility must exist, make it explicit."

    I guess this summarises what I meant in a much more elegant and concise fashion.

  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Authors vs. Contributors

    For Padre we have a section called
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS where we list The Padre development team in ABC order and a separate section for translators.

    Though I am not sure why do we still have them separated.

    In the about box they put a separate "Created by Gábor Szabó" and I did not argue with them but this is a special case as this is an application that has an about box.

  • Robin Smidsrød commented on I <3/> XML::Rabbit

    I guess I couldn't help but do some design work on how the sugar functions would look. See how positive feedback sparks interest?

    I'd really like your feedback on my API suggestions here:

    Name of functions, signature and such was what I came up with after thinking a bit about it. I'm not entirely sure if has_xpath_ is the right prefix for all the functions, maybe xml_ is better?

    What do you think?

  • Robin Smidsrød commented on I <3/> XML::Rabbit

    I've created an issue for this feature in the issue tracker on github. I guess it is probably the better place to continue the discussion on this feature.

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