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  • Aristotle commented on Subroutine signatures in Perl are long overdue

    I honestly don't know why it's taken this long to even have them experimentally in the core.

    Yeah? Well I know. And Ross Attrill said it:

    Many of these modules seem to have many more features than the 5.19 proposal.

    That’s why. Everybody wants lots of features in signatures, and everybody wants a different set. So every previous proposal suffered the same fate: people couldn’t quite accept a signature proposal that lacked just the one extra feature that seemed indispensable given the over…

  • Aristotle commented on Subroutine signatures in Perl are long overdue

    (Oh and btw, in case my comment seemed berating – it wasn’t supposed to be, not exactly: I was myself one of the people who, in a previous round, thought a minimal signature proposal really can’t work without just that one extra feature. And that’s after I’d seen a previous proposal die from being loaded with obviously too many features in the first place. So the next time around I thought I was arguing for the minimum… which was nonsense. So by the time Peter Martini showed up with his patch, I had finally swallowed my lesson: any viable proposal must have…

  • martin.j.evans commented on Do not use each

    I only hit a problem with each recently (see Using a hash in list context will use the iterator internally so simply assigning the hash you are iterating over to another hash will cause an infinite loop.

    I now never use each. Even if you find the narrow safe cases someone else can come along and easily break your code.

  • Timm Murray commented on Do not use each

    I've also seen situations where each was called in a loop that short-circuits:

    while( my ($key, $val) = each %hash ) {
        last if $key =~ /foo/;

    Then later on, each is used again without resetting the internal state, even though the programmer expected to iterate over the entire hash. With a hash stored globally (yes, this is bad in itself, but it happens) in a persistent environment like mod_perl, this can even happen across different requests in the same process.

  • Tim Bunce commented on Do not use each

    I wonder if there's some way to make the each op warn if the iterator isn't where it's expected to be.

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