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  • Commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers
    I use PowerPoint 2011. Those code slides are produced by making a single original slide of the code (in yellow text on a black background), then copying it multiple times in a row, then stepping through the sequence with the...
  • Commented on How about separating dynamic world and static world?
    First is normal subroutine. This is dynamic language feature. Last two are function overloading. This is static language feature. Function overloading is indeed a static language feature. But the multi keyword doesn't provide static function overloading. The multi keyword provides...
  • Posted A week of Perlishness in Oslo to Damian Conway

    Once again, courtesy of, I’ll be returning to Oslo for a week of all things Perl.

    On Monday April 18 and Tuesday April 19, I’m running two public classes on Perl 5 topics:
    my advanced Perl programm…

  • Posted Perl 6 lives! to Damian Conway

    So Perl 6 has been officially released.

    By Christmas.

    Just as I always promised (...for, ahem, so many years in a row ;-)

    And now that we've arrived at this joyous and long-anticipated day,

  • Posted A big week in Oslo to Damian Conway

    Next week I will be returning once again to beautiful Oslo, for a visit brim-full of all things Perlish.

    For a start, I'm running two public classes on Wednesday March 4 and Thursday March 5,
    in conjunction with and Redpill Linpro.

    On Wednesday, I'll be teaching the f…

  • Commented on Do not use each
    If you’re looping over the hash in the same scope it was declared in, and only that scope ever looks at it, then each is fine. ...provided you don't modify the scoped hash while you're looping, don't nest loops...
  • Posted Another event in Oslo to Damian Conway

    I mentioned previously that we were aiming to organize a second free public talk in Oslo. And I can now confirm that, in addition to my talk next Wednesday night, I will now also be speaking at the University of Oslo, on Friday March…

  • Posted Le sexe et la violence en Suisse to Damian Conway

    We've just added another public event to my current European speaking tour.

    On the evening of Tuesday April 1 (yeah, I know), I'll be speaking in Morges, near Lausanne, giving an updated version of my presentation: ="…

  • Posted What goes around, comes around to Damian Conway

    A thousand years ago, Viking raiders poured out of the frozen North to terrify and oppress my poor Celtic ancestors. But now it's our turn! That's right: once again, I'm returning to Oslo to spread mayhem, fear, and Perl (and not necessarily in that order!)

    On Monday 24 March, I'm…

  • Commented on Subroutine signatures in Perl are long overdue
    Thanks for clarifying the nature of p5-mop's type support, Stevan. I guess you've got more than enough on your plate at this stage, without adding in a native type system as well. ;-)...
  • Commented on Subroutine signatures in Perl are long overdue
    Ross asked: how will Method::Signatures or similar extension modules work with the 5.19 proposal? For the moment, M::S and the other modules will remain independent of the new signatures feature of 5.19+. They will certainly continue to work correctly. You...
  • Posted One of my favorite things* to Damian Conway

    I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to be able to give a free public talk in London next month...and now I am happy to be able to confirm that's definitely going ahead.
    Where: Floor 3, …

  • Posted More London events to Damian Conway

    <farnsworth>"Good news, everyone!</farnsworth>

    First up, if anyone is planning on attending

  • Posted Polyglot pattern matching in London to Damian Conway

    Years ago I created a training class that has proved one of my most enduring, popular...and frustrating: Understanding Perl Regexes.

    The class has endured because regexes are still one of the sharpest blades on the Swiss …

  • Posted Back to Zurich to Damian Conway

    I'm just putting the final touches on another speaking tour through Europe (so expect more posts as I nail down destinations and events). I seem to be working backwards though, because the very last event of the visit—in Switzerland in early April—is already solid.


  • Posted Three weeks of public talks coming up to Damian Conway

    So, for the first time in several years, I'm travelling though North America on a speaking tour. It's great to be back here, and I'm very much looking forward to the various Perl Monger events we have planned. I dearly wish I could get to more places around the continent, but these days I'm…

  • Posted New Classes premiering in Zurich next month to Damian Conway

    I'm delighted to announce that, once again, I'll be teaching in month. My good friends at Oetiker+Partner and the amazing team at Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich ("ETHZ" to its friends) have organized

  • Commented on Speaking at QCon London next month
    @dolmen: Thanks for pointing that out. I've now updated it for my entire European trip....
  • Commented on Speaking at QCon London next month
    @Jerome: @Nick nailed it. This is an enterprise conference, which means that employers are almost always picking up the tab. And the prices for this conference are actually fairly modest (for that universe). In particular, the cost to attend just...
  • Posted Speaking at QCon London next month to Damian Conway

    I've been invited to speak at QCon London next month. I'll be giving two keynotes: my infamous Fun With Dead Languages talk plus a one-hour…

  • Posted Unexpectedly Nordic to Damian Conway

    So, in addition to Lausanne, Aarhus, and London, I am now also going to be visiting Stockholm in the next month.

    Just two week…

  • Posted Lausanne seminar update to Damian Conway

    Last week I foreshadowed that we would be offering a free evening seminar when I'm in Lausanne next month.

    The arrangements for that talk are now finalized. My thanks to ="…

  • Posted Back in London to Damian Conway

    Life can be strange. Not counting endless transits through Heathrow (presumably some horrid form of karmic justice for a particular wicked former life), I have visited London only twice in the past decade. And offered not a single public class there in all that time.

    Yet now I'm lining up…

  • Posted Lausanne classes to Damian Conway

    I've been visiting that lovely city for several years now for private classes, but for the first time we have been able to arrange some public training events as well.

    We'll be offering the following…

  • Posted Quantum-Relativistic Time-Travel in Lisbon to Damian Conway

    My brief visit to Portugal just expanded a little.

    In addition to the two public classes we’re running (and, yes, there are still a few seats left for either day), I’m now also going to be delivering my infamous ="htt…

  • Posted Post-mortem Linguistics in Zurich to Damian Conway

    For reasons I don’t entirely understand, it’s been quite a few years that on this visit.

    Digicomp run a regular seminar series entitled ="http://www.d…

  • Posted And now Lisbon too... to Damian Conway

    So, apart from London, Oslo, and Zurich, I’m delighted to say that I’m tour…on May 3rd and 4th.

    We’ll definitely be offering a public talk one evening for the local Open Source community (IR…

  • Posted Returning to Zurich to Damian Conway

    I have been most fortunate to have been able to visit Zurich every year since 2008, to teach classes at the ETH.

    Zurich is one of my favorite cities in the world: there’s something undefinably “civilized” about it. It’s ele…

  • Posted Why I love my job to Damian Conway

    When I was just starting out in my career a very wise person told me:

    “The day you find a job you love, is the last day you’ll ever have to work.”

    For me, that day was the day I discovered public speaking.

    And for the past deca…

  • Posted Quaquaversally in Oslo to Damian Conway
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  • Tim Bunce commented on Do not use each

    I wonder if there's some way to make the each op warn if the iterator isn't where it's expected to be.

  • E. Choroba commented on Do not use each

    Unfortunately, glob is similarly broken:

    perl -E 'for my $x (qw(* )) { print "$x: ", scalar glob($x), "\n"}'

  • E. Choroba commented on Do not use each

    Sorry, should have been:

    perl -E 'for my $x (qw(* < >)) { print "$x: ", scalar glob($x), "\n"}'

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on How about separating dynamic world and static world?

    Damian Conway

    Thanks for your comment.

    But the multi keyword doesn't provide static function overloading. The multi keyword provides dynamic multiple dispatch.

    I think is is not good because performance cost occur when type check is done at run-time,
    and it increase launguage complexity.
    Perl has already complex syntax. I don't hope more complexity.

    For example, I like cpan-minus than cpan-plus. why? cpan-minus is fast, minimal and enough.
    I like small aproach which can solve problems smart.

    For the long time, Perl…

  • Neil Bowers commented on Learning from other/experienced speakers

    Hi Flavio, I've added Mark to my hitlist -- just emailed him the questions. Thanks!

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