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  • Aristotle commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

    Avoid complex inheritance hierarchies. This is equivalent to only allowing one level of inheritance.

    Yes, but then in order to do non-trivial specialisation you have to start inheriting from multiple things, like you would compose multiple roles. And then you run into problems because multiple superclasses can provide the same method – which one do you call? Do you call both? Do the two methods on those two superclasses mean the same thing?

    But with roles you do not have this problem. Why? Because roles become part of the class that consumes them, a…

  • jnareb commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

    Inheritance is (or should be) about is-a relationships fulfilling Liskov's substitution principle.

    One example that I have seen about roles is GuardDog class example: in Dog class hierarchy, and consuming Guard role (which can be consumed by many different unrelated classes).

  • Shlomi Fish commented on 100 CPAN Distributions + App-ManiacDownloader

    chimerix: aria2 does indeed seems interesting and it has implemented my "secret sauce". However, its granularity is limited to one megabyte of data, while Maniac Downloader goes down to 8 KB or 4 KB, and I was told by someone that it didn't improve the download speed. Furthermore, its integration with Mageia’s urpmi seems lacking because downloading with it does not display the progress of the download which is frustrating (but I suppose this can be fixed in urpmi’s side). Anyway, I will mention aria2 as a viable alternative on various places.

  • Shlomi Fish commented on 100 CPAN Distributions + App-ManiacDownloader

    Hi Zak. I have been familiar with lftp (having used it after the demise of ncftp) but I wasn't aware it supported split downloading and HTTP/HTTPS . I'll take a better look at it now as well. Thanks!

  • Steven Haryanto commented on A repl site for a lot of languages

    On strange selection of languages. Lots of esoteric and "weird" languages but no Perl, Tcl, or several other more mainstream languages. At least, there should be Python 2 *and* Python 3.

    But cool site, nevertheless.

    IIRC, a web-based REPL for Perl 6 was once online. The Pugs-based one as well as Rakudo/Parrot one.

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