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  • Commented on A repl site for a lot of languages
    Have you tried doy's Reply?
  • Commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?
    My take is that roles/traits provide "horizontal" composition of state and behaviors across (possibly unrelated) classes, while inheritance is a "vertical" composition between parent and child....
  • Commented on 100 CPAN Distributions + App-ManiacDownloader
    Congrats, Shlomi! I'm gonna take a look at ManiacDownloader, looks interesting to use especially on systems that I don't have my preferred downloader, lftp, installed. You might want to take a look at lftp as well since it does what...
  • Commented on Horror Stories From the Trenches
    I thought I was in TheDailyWTF for a moment there. :) Great story indeed!...
  • Commented on p5-mop Inside-Out object problem
    As Toby and Stevan said (and I said so myself, in the very beginning,) it is all a work in progress. Toby's idea of Data::Dumper being able to dump mop objects just like regular hashrefs is probably the way to...
  • Commented on YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 is over
    Awesome work, lestrrat & company! :D I sure wish I was able to attend there, being relatively near. Hopefully next time!...
  • Commented on p5-mop Inside-Out object problem
    Yeah, I realized it too when I accidentally did $object->dump on my Reply terminal lol...
  • Commented on p5-mop Inside-Out object problem
    It is a work in progress, but I think for now you can do this to get information about your object: use mop; my $meta = mop::get_meta($myobject); You can then use $meta->dump to give you a hashref describing your attributes...
  • Commented on Notes on porting to p5-mop
    No worries about the support for @!array or %!hash, I gather it is the same in Moo* anyhow as we can only store refs (e.g. using sub { [] } in default trait for an attribute referring to an array....
  • Posted Notes on porting to p5-mop to

    Just a follow-up to Stevan Little's On porting a Moose module (thanks Stevan, BTW for this software! :) I read Damien Krotkine's

  • Commented on p5-mop, a gentle introduction
    Reposting my comment from the original post lel... Is it possible to have something like package Cat; class Food { has $!taste is ro; has $!brand is ro; has $!pounds is rw; } method Food::feed_lion { ... } method Food::feed_cheetah...
  • Commented on I am creating Perl tutorial site for newbie "Sampuru codo ni yoru perl nyuumon"
    Choosing v5.008 makes sense as lot of the Japanese CPAN modules also default to a minimum of v5.008 (see for example tokuhirom's Minilla.) Furthermore, there are still some places where you can't just perlbrew up a more modern version, so...
  • Commented on Japanese Perl comunity for newbie, Perl entrance.
    This is good, keep it up! :)...
  • Posted On Starting a Perl Mongers group in the Philippines to

    Following up to szabgab's blogpost: a couple of years ago, I called out for people interested in getting together to make a new Perl group…

  • Commented on Perl and self flagellation...
    Modern Perl may be academic, but that's exactly what makes it interesting: "academic" solutions bring an altogether other perspective on solving problems. It is an expression of TMTOWDI, something that ought to be welcomed rather than scorned. I'd rather see...
  • Commented on Being nice to colleagues with git pre-commit hooks
    What's the nuance with that? I use Test::Most myself on a test script, and I read on the perldoc that I can invoke prove or the script itself with the {BAIL,DIE}ONFAIL=1 environment variable set to get similar behavior to the...
  • Commented on I love pre-modern Perl and so should you, my introduction
    This evokes a comment in the Camel book I've read years ago: you could be speaking baby perl or modern/advanced perl, but in the end you're still speaking perl. I think the modern perl "movement" isn't so much a movement...
  • Posted I'm back! to

    Fast forward to mid 2013. I last wrote about some checksum one-liner, and it was also pretty much among the last few Perl things I did that year before getting distracted by $WORK (again.)

    Now is the time to change that ;)

  • Posted poor man's cfv/cksfv (CRC checksum) to

    Lately I wanted to compute CRC-32 checksums for some videos. At first, I took a look at Digest::CRC and wrote this one-liner:

    perl -MDigest::CRC=crc32_hex -E 'say crc32_hex <>' file.mkv
  • Commented on A compelling reason for Perl6
    I recently began to appreciate how Mojolicious' bundling of jQuery as well as its Mojo::DOM parser/renderer would be quite helpful in building those dynamically moving apps. I'd like to see the same happening on Perl6 (as soon as what tempire...
  • Commented on App::UniqFiles (a case for building app with Dist::Zilla and Sub::Spec)
    Thanks for this! I'm building an app myself too, using Dist::Zilla and App::Cmd::Simple, but looking at Sub::Spec now seems that this module may be a better fit :)...
  • Commented on Mojocasts forthcoming
    I look forward to more Mojocasts! :D...
  • Posted Password Checkers to

    A colleague @$WORK found this: The Development of a Perl-based Password Complexity Filter. I was going to comment in the site about the presented Perl code looking rather like it was a straight shell script port (though the "use strict" pragma…

  • Commented on And so it begins
    Nice! Looking forward to hearing all about the porting work :)...
  • Posted Joining to

    It has been a while since I've blogged, even more so over a webapp such as this. It has been quite some time even for my own personal blog, which I'm now considering to retire as so much of what I share usually now goes to

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  • Aristotle commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

    Avoid complex inheritance hierarchies. This is equivalent to only allowing one level of inheritance.

    Yes, but then in order to do non-trivial specialisation you have to start inheriting from multiple things, like you would compose multiple roles. And then you run into problems because multiple superclasses can provide the same method – which one do you call? Do you call both? Do the two methods on those two superclasses mean the same thing?

    But with roles you do not have this problem. Why? Because roles become part of the class that consumes them, a…

  • jnareb commented on Are roles only semantically different from inheritance?

    Inheritance is (or should be) about is-a relationships fulfilling Liskov's substitution principle.

    One example that I have seen about roles is GuardDog class example: in Dog class hierarchy, and consuming Guard role (which can be consumed by many different unrelated classes).

  • Shlomi Fish commented on 100 CPAN Distributions + App-ManiacDownloader

    chimerix: aria2 does indeed seems interesting and it has implemented my "secret sauce". However, its granularity is limited to one megabyte of data, while Maniac Downloader goes down to 8 KB or 4 KB, and I was told by someone that it didn't improve the download speed. Furthermore, its integration with Mageia’s urpmi seems lacking because downloading with it does not display the progress of the download which is frustrating (but I suppose this can be fixed in urpmi’s side). Anyway, I will mention aria2 as a viable alternative on various places.

  • Shlomi Fish commented on 100 CPAN Distributions + App-ManiacDownloader

    Hi Zak. I have been familiar with lftp (having used it after the demise of ncftp) but I wasn't aware it supported split downloading and HTTP/HTTPS . I'll take a better look at it now as well. Thanks!

  • Steven Haryanto commented on A repl site for a lot of languages

    On strange selection of languages. Lots of esoteric and "weird" languages but no Perl, Tcl, or several other more mainstream languages. At least, there should be Python 2 *and* Python 3.

    But cool site, nevertheless.

    IIRC, a web-based REPL for Perl 6 was once online. The Pugs-based one as well as Rakudo/Parrot one.

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