YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2013 is over

So I just came back from the staff after party. I'm exhausted. So I'll only write the important stuff:

  • This year, we had 1,131 attendees (ticket sales, invited guests, speakers, staff) I'm pretty sure this is THE BIGGEST YAPC EVAH
  • Talks on 4-tracks
  • We provided Wi-Fi to all the attendees via custom built network, and we saturated a 100Mbps line when our attendees started downloading iOS7 simultaneously
  • This is the LAST YAPC::Asia Tokyo that 941-san, and myself will do. There are no plans to host another YAPC::Asia Tokyo next year, unless someone steps up to take up the challenge.
  • I was involved in all of the 8 YAPC::Asia Tokyo's previously held. I had a wonderful ride. It was pleasure, but it's time to move on

Videos, photo footage, and blogs will be posted soon-ish. Stay tuned.


Lestrrat - Kudos to you and all the hard work you and your co-conspirators have put in over the years, I don't think you guys get nearly as much appreciation as you deserve here on the "western" side of the Perl community. I only hope that someone else steps up to continue what you started.

Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to the videos.

Awesome work, lestrrat & company! :D I sure wish I was able to attend there, being relatively near. Hopefully next time!

Whoa, that's impressive. You guys rock! :)

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