• Commented on Introducing IOD file format
    > In IOD you can also use this syntax: > > [section] > fruits = ["apple","orange","avocado"] But does this not simply re-expose the problem tinita was complaining about? It forces the consuming code to determine on a case-by-case basis whether...
  • Commented on Introducing IOD file format
    That's incidentally one of the advantages of Config::MVP, which has an INI parser with similar rules to IOD. Usually, Each section in a Config::MVP based INI file has a corresponding Perl Package, and each Perl Package can define an 'mvp_multivalue_args'...
  • Commented on Don't be afraid to rename your module / dist
    Also, Please remind me not to waste time with the edit process of commenting on to write a decent comment., after allowing me to review my comment with preview multiple times, spontaneously decided to tell me my session...
  • Commented on Don't be afraid to rename your module / dist
    Keep in mind that Role:: is a top level namespace. Maybe Role::Attr::CachedURL Though looking at what you have, a few things may be true: A) The role may not be applicable if you aren't using Moo and thus won't work...
  • Commented on Let's top
    I've modified my automated script also to commit with an email address that will cease to contribute to contribution stats. If I apply this to the whole repo retroactively it should take me down from 22k contributions to around 6k....
  • Commented on What is your release process?
    I have a few oddities, and I do things MyWay™, but I have a few tricks I don't see employed often which I find incredibly useful for a number of reasons. The most important to me, is the [Git::CommitBuild] plugin...
  • Commented on The Four Major Problems with CPAN
    I think it would be "nice" to have something at least somewhat visible via the metacpan ui, but it definitely has to be "external" data to classes, data provided by user submission / crowd sourcing / data analysis , NOT...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    I definitely prefer "pumpkin" and "pumpkin perl" over "perli". "perli" is just begging to increase the current rate at which people associate "perl" with "peril". Can't say I'm fond with that. After discussion with MST, it appears to me we're...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    just wait, harry potter references are just around the corner. pumpkinbrew init pumpkinbrew abracadabra wand -v Image::Magick...
  • Commented on Pumpkin Perl - Redux
    I have some thoughts, but they're not really "well, if we do x then we have to do y, z etc as well", more "there are many things y which are hard to get away with doing without doing x"....
  • Commented on Bringing Perl5 to GitHub
    I feel the real let-down of github issues is its very weak on metadata vs RT. Metadata tools are limited to tagging and milestones, and thats basically it, and for seriously large projects this gets seriously out of hand. ie:...
  • Commented on Visually graphing module dependencies
    Something else you may want to consider as a feature: Classifying dependencies by type, and augmenting the graph to suit, ie: Build/Configure/Runtime/Test/Develop dependencies And "Suggested/Recommended/Required" subsets of those dependencies. You could opt to include these in the depgraph, and colour/pattern...
  • Posted Redesigning Package::Strictures to KENTNL
    Package::Strictures on metacpan Design goals
    1. An infrastructure for having “optional” code blocks…
  • Posted Musing on Perl::Critic config to KENTNL

    I've been exploring the Perl::Critic configuration file somewhat, and something struck me as unusual.

    It seems fine for using for the usecase of "inherit some predefined set of rules and apply them selectively", which works fine if you ju…

  • Commented on Please Ensure ABSTRACT and LICENSE fields in your META.yml/json
    Yeah, actually, I was aware of this problem with the CPANdeps service months ago, possibly even years ago. Emitting only YAML is the default behaviour if you're using the basic (@Basic) bundle. Users can freely elect to not generate YAML,...
  • Posted Please Ensure ABSTRACT and LICENSE fields in your META.yml/json to KENTNL

    I've been opening quite a few bugs lately for distributions failing these 2 criteria, so, I figured I'd save everyone some effort and unify it cohesively.


    While it may seem a trivial squabble, ABSTRACT and LICENSE…

  • Commented on Looking up the location of an IP address
    "Web site localisation: automatically redirecting the user to the best default site, perhaps changing the language in the process." I should point out if it wasn't already obvious that you should never infer language by source IP's country code. Its...
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  • perlancar commented on Introducing IOD file format

    Yup, I personally don't really like INI's multivalue syntax (using multiple lines of assignment) for the exact same reason you put forth. But most INI parsers support it, so ...

    In IOD you can also use this syntax:

    fruits = ["apple","orange","avocado"]

  • perlancar commented on Introducing IOD file format

    As for YAML, I actually like it too. But I've had sysadmins and users often fumbling on the syntax. The two most common are: indentation, and forgetting to add whitespace after colon in a mapping or after a comma in a list.

  • Leon Timmermans commented on Introducing IOD file format

    Have you taken a look at [TOML]( IMO it provides a much more sensible paradigm than INI, while still being intuitive enough for most people. There are already two parser for it in Perl.

  • perlancar commented on Introducing IOD file format

    I have. I guess TOML is okay for configuration format too, although it diverges quite a bit from INI. My goal with IOD is to be compatible enough with INI, to be interchangeble enough. Also, I'm not seeing a TOML round-trip parser yet, something which I intend to create for IOD.

  • Toby Inkster commented on Introducing IOD file format

    It doesn't seem quite the same. In a traditional INI file:


    "bar" is an array, but is "foo" a simple string, or is it an array with just one element? The INI parser will probably treat it as a simple string. If the application wants "foo" to be an array, it needs to include code to "promote" a string into a one-element array.

    With IOD, there is at least a way when writing the config file to unambiguously say "this is an array, even if it's only got one element at the moment".

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