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  • Giel Goudsmit commented on - a toxic company for developers

    You got my name wrong.

    And you forgot to change your bio. (It still says "I blog about Perl").

  • Gabor Szabo commented on - a toxic company for developers


    I don't care so much about, but I don't want to alienate everyone else from Perl, and from the Perl community. Neither individuals nor companies.

    I don't think the biggest and most official-looking Perl-related web-site should allow personal attacks, nor should it be a place of bad-mouthing any company.

  • jouke.visser commented on - a toxic company for developers

    What a bunch of bullsh*t.

    I've worked for between 2003 and 2010, and in that time I've been very much involved in the hiring process. I used to be one of those team leads that you mention by name. I know most of these as great colleagues, honest, intelligent and reliable people. I say most of these, because some of them were hired after I left, so I can't vouch for those I don't know.

    The reason I left was not because it's an evil company. I left for personal reasons that had very little to do with the company.

    I've promoted volunt…

  • th.j.v.hoesel commented on - a toxic company for developers

    Sounds all familiar:

    Further more, I can not comment on anything mentioned in either posts as I do not work for the company.
    I only know some great people working at 'the Bank' which do provide the community with wonderful modules at CPAN that make our lives as developer zoo much easier.
    Also they host the group that shares knowledge on wonderful technical stuff month after month…

  • JustOneOfMany commented on - a toxic company for developers

    As a "core employee" of Booking I would like to take this opportunity to make further comments to some of the replies and how this whole thing is working.

    The "chaos" they try to "control" (one of the principals here at Booking) is slowly getting "out of control" as with company grow , lack of proper workflows makes it everyday more "unstable"

    In reply to @Haico:
    "Untrue. Most people get permanent contracts from the start at"
    --> Unfortunately I have seen many occasions where a "promise" of permanent contract never got fulfilled.

    "Untrue. Qua…

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