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  • Sam commented on My First Perl Conference

    Oh I know that Wendy, but you were extremely kind and ludicrously generous and you need thanking. So... THANKS!

    And yes, we have to let good old Barbie still feel useful... :P

  • laurent_r commented on World Tour of Germany

    If you do, I'll do my best to come over.

  • Gordon Banner commented on Announcing The London Perl Workshop 2018

    Might be worth noting here that the date seems to have changed to Saturday 24th November 2018.

    Can you update the page itself? It's still a top hit when searching for LPW...

  • Jason A. Crome commented on 2018 Dancer Advent Calendar

    Thank you! Please ping me on IRC (cromedome). I am putting together an email list for those working on the articles.

    Essentially, write an article, send it to us, we will add it to the advent calendar github repo, at which point whatever back and forth needs to happen for editing will occur. Then wait for December, and see it published :)

  • Olaf Alders commented on Hacktoberfest: Thank You

    You kept me really busy in October. ;) Congratulations on this. One thing you could consider is fixing up the .travis.yml config files for various distributions. For example, many won't have added the latest version of Perl or may not have caching enabled, might not have sudo set to false etc. You could probably automate some of that and send hundreds of PRs! Just blasting the PRs might annoy a few people along the way, but if you check with authors first, I'm sure many would welcome it.

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