• Posted 3 Weeks left to sign up for the Perl 6 Tutorial course at TPC in Glasgow to DrForr

    Be ready for all the new Perl 6 content at the Glasgow Perl Conference, join me at the day-long Perl 6 Tutorial session on Monday the 13th, get trained before the talks start!

  • Posted Perl6 Readline update to DrForr

    A long time coming, this looks along /usr/lib64 and /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu for existing* libraries, otherwise assumes v7. I'll add more directories as I find them, and make sure that it looks recursively in /lib if all else fails as part of the next release. I'll be adding comments…

  • Posted Perl 6 Training at TPC - Salt Lake City to DrForr

    After TPC join me for The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Perl 6 at The Little America in Salt Lake City.

  • Posted ANTLR4::Grammar v0.1.0 to Perl 6 CPAN to DrForr

    ANTLR4::Grammar lets you convert ANTLR4 lexer and parser grammars from ANTLR to Perl 6. It currently works with all of the basic EBNF constructs, and for the moment chooses to ignore the features of ANTLR that the native Grammar type doesn't support. When I've added the basic Action class I'll…

  • Posted Abusing Multiple Dispatch in Perl 6 for fun and profit to DrForr

    Abusing Multiple Dispatch Creatively is avallable on my blog for perusal. Comments and questions welcome as always.

  • Posted Simple tree walking in Perl 6 to DrForr

    Check out Tree Surgery for a quick guide on how to easily walk generic trees of Perl 6 data.

  • Posted DRYing your Perl 6 tests to DrForr

    Ah, the joys of conference-driven development. DRYing your Perl Tests is now out, probably going to be a series, maybe even a book. It's just a quick take on refactoring test suites in Perl 6. Maybe it goes too far, but…

  • Posted Perl 6 Training August 8th at TPC::Amsterdam to DrForr

    The official training schedule is still being drawn up, but I'm pleased to offer a full day of Perl 6 training at the venue the day before TPC::EU . Please feel free to join me in a day of hands-on interactive learning about Perl 6. If you were at the Perl 6 training…

  • Posted You won't believe this one quick Perl 6 optimization hack! to DrForr

    Now that I've alienated half the crowd, here's the scoop. Perl6::Parser has a fairly extensive test suite, which I run on my laptop inside an Ubuntu 14.04 VM - it's the latest version I can find that supports seamless integration, though I'm considering completely dumping the GUI and going with…

  • Commented on Perl6::Tidy initial release
    Thanks! It currently supports the basic 1-true-brace-style, Whitesmiths, Allman, GNU and a few others that aren't so common....
  • Posted Perl6::Tidy initial release to DrForr

    Perl6::Tidy has been released to GitHub, not on the ecosystem yet. The driver program is 3 lines, mostly passing options to the tidier. Which is 6 lines, doing the real grunt work.

    It doesn't do much yet, but it's pure Perl 6.

  • Posted Perl6::Parser available for Perl 6 to DrForr

    It’s by no means complete, but it’s available for trial from your friendly neighborhood Panda installer. This tool uses Perl 6’s own internal parser in order to generate a parse tree for Perl 6 code, and has enough information to reconstruct the original Perl 6 source,…

  • Posted Join me online for 3 hours of Perl 6 training courtesy O'Reilly to DrForr
  • Posted From Regular Expressions to Grammars (in Perl 6) Part IV to DrForr

    The fourth and final installment of the Perl 6 regular expression -> grammars tutorial has hit the blog: From Regular Expressions to Grammars, Part 4

  • Commented on Focussing Haskell on Perl 6
    I don't see why not. I was just after the visual metaphor of light rays coming through a lens, but :: seem less confusing. The module itself is on hiatus while I get a few other things done, but that's...
  • Posted Part 3 of Perl 6: Regular Expressions to Grammars to DrForr

    Part 3 of the Regular Expressions to Grammars tutorial is now up at - This covers parsing of a short JavaScript blurb into a form that the compiler we're going to write next time can understand.

  • Commented on Perl 5 Optimizing Compiler, Part 18: RPerl v1.6 Released, Happy Valentine's Day!
    Hey guys, do what you can to upvote this proposal for TPF. It's about the only really "new" Perl5 thing to come along in a while. CPAN has plenty of modules, it's about time for a new, shinier implementation....
  • Posted From Regular Expressions to Grammars (in Perl 6) Part II to DrForr

    Part 2 of my Regular Expressions to Grammars tutorial is now up at The Perl Fisher. The previous part covered the basic metacharacters, this…

  • Posted Part 1 of a tutorial on Perl 6 Regular Expressions and Grammars to DrForr

    On my blog at The Perl Fisher - Part II coming next week, or whenever I get vectors and lists working in Inline::Scheme::Guile.

  • Commented on Focussing Haskell on Perl 6
    I don't know if this library is in the true spirit of the Haskell original, but it feels close. The Haskell library is all about treating Lenses as data types and composing those into different lenses. It might be worth...
  • Posted Focussing Haskell on Perl 6 to DrForr

    On the bus ride out to Charleroi I caught a stray brainwave about how to properly notate at least some of Haskell's Lens library, so I wrote up some notes on it. This is going to be slightly spooky, but not much more than the previously-existing ability to bind one data…

  • Commented on Introducing Scheme in Perl 6
    I've renamed it to Inline::Scheme::Guile in case anyone wants to do Racket or SIOD or something after me. Also, multiple values now work, so: is-deeply [ $ q{(values 3 2 1)} ) ], [ 3, 2 1 ]; passes. I'll...
  • Commented on Introducing Scheme in Perl 6
    Or I just need to use the appropriate scm_$type_p predicates. Strings need dynwind-protect in order to not leak, and I've partially figured out list return values. It'll probably eventually look something like: my @out ={'(a "b" 3)}); is-deeply \@out,...
  • Posted Introducing Scheme in Perl 6 to DrForr

    Introducing Scheme in Perl 6:

    This is very much in its early days, and the interface is likely to change as I find the method(s) in the Guile library that I need. Specifically once I can figure out how to portably crack into a SCM return value t…

  • Posted Roman Numerals in Perl 6 to DrForr

    perl6-slang-roman lets you write your Perl 6 code using Roman numerals:

    use Slang::Roman

    sub conjunctivus( Int $a, Int $b ) { $a + $b }
    say conjunctivus( 0rIV, 0rVI );
    # 10


  • Posted Bottoms Up to DrForr

    As a followup I just finished Bottoms Up where I walk through a tiny but complete grammar for a small corner of PHP code.

  • Posted Perl 6 grammars redux to DrForr - Just published a new article on grammars in Perl 6 (And yes, the blog title is a play on a Georges Bizet opera.)

  • Posted Perl presence at OSCON 2016 in Austin to DrForr

    Thanks to @VMBrasseur on Twitter and IRC, several people this year decided to submit Perl (and especially Perl 6) content for OSCON 2016. The talk announcements won't be made until December 25th (I personally submitted two, and I know of at least 4 others who submitted), but I'm pleased to…

  • Posted Post-YAPC update to DrForr

    Just to give people an update on where I am after the spill and subsequent events at YAPC:

    First of all, I need *AGAIN* to give my thanks to:

    @Amal1a_ (Amalia) (and everyone else at Evozon for supporting me)
    @renatolrr - (Renato) YAPC Coordinator, gofer and frequent bedside s…

  • Posted Perl::ToPerl6 v0.40 released to CPAN last night to DrForr

    Highlights include:

    ModuleSpecific::Exporter - Reads @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK to add 'is export' attributes to your subroutines
    ModuleSpecific::Moose - Adds Perl6 style attributes to your Moose class based on C.

    Quieting the application - use '--detail 5' to see what's been don…

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  • Aristotle commented on Perl5 to Perl6 conversion a la Perl::Critic

    The front page is regenerated statically every few minutes.

  • Yary commented on Focussing Haskell on Perl 6

    I like the concept, but can the syntax be made to look more like the binding operator and less like a comparison? eg

    $a :< $lens >: $b; # Either side triggers change in other
    $a << $lens >: $b; # $b changes when $a does
    $a = 'foo bar'; is-deeply $b, [ 'foo', 'bar' ]; # ok 1
    $b.[0] = 'moo'; is-deeply $b, [ 'moo', 'bar' ]; is $a, 'foo bar'; # ok 2, ok 3

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