Call for FOSDEM 2020 Booth volunteers

This year we've got one of the high-traffic locations, on the ground floor where Free Software Foundation Europe set up last year, right next to the stairway to *all* the dev rooms. So we're looking for volunteers to come and talk about both Perl and Raku at FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels. If I haven't already talked to you, please email me at drforr [at] pobox (dot) com and give me an idea of your availability and what you'd want to do. We've made arrangements for the usual booth swag, and will have pamphlets to hand out and books to sell on both Raku and Perl.

Again, if you're able to give us a hand or know someone that can, send me email at drforr [at] pobox (dot) com and give me an idea of when you're available and how much you can help out.

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