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  • About: Founder of Logical Helion, LLC. Creator of Helios distributed job processing system. Occasional Fluxx Player.
  • Posted Helios 2.80 Released to lajandy

    Logical Helion, LLC is pleased to announce a new stable release of the Helios distributed job processing system! Helios 2.80 provides several new features to improve the performance and flexibility of the Helios system. A new jobtype system and job queuing extensions enable you to divide your…

  • Commented on Poor Mans Jobqueue for Catalyst Apps
    Have you taken a look at Helios? I admit it may not quite do what you want out of the box (yet); it currently is more of a "fire-and-forget" job management system rather than one that tightly integrates with your...
  • Posted Helios 2.61 Released to lajandy

    Helios 2.61 has been released. This is a bugfix release; if you are using Helios and experiencing problems due to one of the (previously) outstanding bugs in the Helios RT, you should upgrade to this version.

    For more informat…

  • Posted Helios 2.60 Released to lajandy

    I am glad to note that Helios 2.60 has been released! The new version brings significant performance enhancements via new database handling code. There is also a new modular, extensible configuration API and other new configuration…

  • Commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example
    Leaving an SQL query prepared for the entire lifetime of the process is not a good idea to adopt as a style. This is highly dependent on the type of application you are writing and the RDBMS you are using....
  • Commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example
    Thanks Joel! I did not realize just how easy it was to start writing Mojolicious apps. I do webapp+database stuff all the time, and having a small but concrete example directly relevant to something I’m working on really helps....
  • Commented on Alien::Base Beta Release!
    Hmm…wondering if Alien::Base could be applied to poppler and poppler-utils…...
  • Posted YAPC::NA 2012 After Action Report to lajandy

    YAPC::NA 2012 was excellent! I really want to congratulate the organizers, staff, and sponsors for putting together such a well-organized, informative, and fun event. I had not been to a YAPC in a couple of years, and this year's conference made me wonder why I had stayed away so long. It was…

  • Commented on What should be core in Perl 5.16?
    My knee-jerk reaction is "no more stuff in the core!" Core Perl 5 is already getting bloated to the point *nix distributors are considering removing it from default installs. But after reading over others' comments, I do think there are...
  • Commented on Removing database abstraction
    Finally! Someone else who understands! IMHO, regarding this topic, there are 2 groups of programmers: those who hate and/or fear databases, and those that understand them. The former are clearly in the majority today, and work to hide away database...
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  • Aristotle commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example

    So yes, this is not perhaps a “best practices” example, but neither was it meant to be. It was meant as a “my first webapp”.

    Understood, and taken as such. My comment was likewise meant not as a voicing of concerns but as “To whomever found this useful to learn from”, as a map of what follows. That is why I wrote out the rationales and stressed that the example is not wrong – i.e. those things I listed are concepts not rules, to be applied with judgement.

    (I made to add an example to illustrate the points concretely, but by then…

  • David Oswald commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example

    This is a nice, simple example. Howoever, I think that any application written as an example of using DBI with Mojolicious should provide the good example of database connection management. Eventually that connection is going to be dropped.

  • Joel Berger commented on A Simple Mojolicious/DBI Example

    That logic would almost certainly go in the db helper. I think that would make for an excellent follow-up post! Go for it. In truth I use DBIC mostly so I don’t need to handle that myself, therefore I don’t trust myself to write it.

  • davewood commented on Poor Mans Jobqueue for Catalyst Apps

    Thanks for the input. I will look into improving the job queue as soon as there is time. For the moment it just works but certainly doesn't appear as scalable as before I wrote this posting.

  • davewood commented on Poor Mans Jobqueue for Catalyst Apps

    reporting back

    need more processes now.

    david@nio:~/dev/myapp$ ./script/
    Found job: 25
    Found job: 25
    Found job: 25
    Processing test_id: 1355
    Processing test_id: 1355
    Processing test_id: 1355


    looking for a job queue now, currently checking out ZeroMQ

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