YAPC::NA 2012 After Action Report

YAPC::NA 2012 was excellent! I really want to congratulate the organizers, staff, and sponsors for putting together such a well-organized, informative, and fun event. I had not been to a YAPC in a couple of years, and this year's conference made me wonder why I had stayed away so long. It was great to hear so many people using Perl for so many cool and exciting things!

Regarding my own talk: After talking to several attendees about Helios, and being encouraged to be less of a "Kirk" and more of a "Picard," I've created a repository on Github for Helios. Going forward it will be easier for others to follow development, contribute, and take advantage of all the goodness Github provides. If you missed my "Distributed Processing Applications with Helios" talk and want some more information, the talk is now available on YouTube (thanks again MadMongers and all the YAPC::NA volunteers!) and the slides are available here.

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