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  • Commented on security breach
    Thanks to all involved for prompt notification and professional handling of the situation. Is there a current project aimed at replacing the MT install? I'd like to register my involvement even if it happens I have nothing useful to contribute......
  • Posted Repliconz - dev log 0 (Perl and SDL) to fuzzix

    I posted this yesterday on my personal site and realised it might just act as a reasonable "getting started" type article for SDL with Perl. Further articles in the series probably won't have this level of detail, so I'll keep them on my own site. Anyway,…

  • Commented on Fun With Fuse
    Thanks, glad you found it useful. A thought occurs, that instead of all the binmode/read/handle stuff, you might be able to 'use bytes;' and then use plain substr. That might simplify things, if it worked....
  • Commented on Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby Job Trends on
    I don't think I can take plain numbers of job postings seriously. Anecdata, but in .ie it is common for recruitment agencies to post fake ads just to get you on the books. I would imagine they use lists like...
  • Commented on How to Post an Article on
    Thanks for this, wasn't immediately obvious to me....
  • Posted Fun With Fuse to fuzzix

    FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) is a useful kernel module with an API which allows file systems to be implemented in user space applications, mounted and fully integrated into the system's VFS. Originally implemented for Linux, FUSE API-compatible kernel…

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  • Bryan Gmyrek commented on Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby Job Trends on

    Yeah the numbers themselves are of course suspect. The trend may be meaningful though. Maybe all perl devs have moved to jQuery (lol)

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on How to Post an Article on

    It would be also interesting to teach people how to enable anonymous comments on their blogs. This is in the "Registration settings".

  • Ron Savage commented on security breach

    Congratulations from me, too, about the great response.

  • Buddy Burden commented on security breach

    I agree with everyone else that I have no complaints about the speedy, professional way that the breach was handled. I do wish that it hadn't taken this level of problem to get things moving on a switch away from MT, which has been super-wonky ever since I've been here, and not that impressive when it's working as designed. But, hey: if that's the outcome, then I choose to look at this as a positive thing. :-)

  • Aristotle commented on security breach

    Well a move has been in discussion for a very long time. The problem is that while all of four us running b.p.o want to get off it post haste if possible, none of us has the slack to make it a priority project. And now that the site has been brought back online, the urgency is already lessening again. As long as the site is at least limping along, any big change will be slow going.

    And personally I don’t want us to just do something, anything to get away from where we are now – that is the exact strategy that landed us in this bind in the first place. (We didn’t have t…

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