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  • About: I blog mostly about SEO, but sometimes about Perl.
  • Posted Social bookmarking in Mojolicious to Rob Hammond

    I've spent the last year or so of my daily commute building a social bookmarking site that for me has now replaced my use of delicious, and I think offers more than other services such as diigo, Google Bookmarks et al.

    The original site at was mai…

  • Commented on Web Scraping with Perl & PhantomJS
    Ok cool thanks for the comments - admittedly this was a bit of a hack as I needed something I could quickly plug into a Mojo based script without too much hassle, and this seemed like a good fit for...
  • Posted Web Scraping with Perl & PhantomJS to Rob Hammond

    PhantomJS is a 'headless' WebKit browser, mainly intended for use as a web testing framework, and is controlled by a JavaScript API. The 'headless' aspect of that also makes the framework extremely useful for scraping JavaScript heavy websites.

    The probl…

  • Commented on Running a Mojolicious non-lite app on a cPanel VPS server
    Fingers crossed for that... I remember seeing on their forums about a year ago that they had that slotted in for 11.34 :/...
  • Posted Running a Mojolicious non-lite app on a cPanel VPS server to Rob Hammond

    I've used cPanel/WHM for a very long time as a personal server manager, and up until recently it's served my purposes pretty well.

    However since getting into the Mojolicious framework and a few other Perl modules that require a Perl version greater than the 5.8 that cPanel is currently ti…

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