Social bookmarking in Mojolicious

I've spent the last year or so of my daily commute building a social bookmarking site that for me has now replaced my use of delicious, and I think offers more than other services such as diigo, Google Bookmarks et al.

The original site at was mainly built in PHP & MySQL, however since finishing that site I've taught myself how to use Mojolicious, and did a fairly comprehensive rewrite of the website into a Mojolicious and MongoDB stack. As such it's not a full replication of the features available on (see the ="http://bkmrx.…

Web Scraping with Perl & PhantomJS

PhantomJS is a 'headless' WebKit browser, mainly intended for use as a web testing framework, and is controlled by a JavaScript API. The 'headless' aspect of that also makes the framework extremely useful for scraping JavaScript heavy websites.

The problem with PhantomJS (up until the v1.8 release on 23 December 2012), was that if you were unfamiliar with JavaScript, CoffeeScript or Node.js (if you were using the Casper.js fork), was that it wasn't very easy understand or control. Since the v1.8 release in December, PhantomJS now supports ="h…

Running a Mojolicious non-lite app on a cPanel VPS server

I've used cPanel/WHM for a very long time as a personal server manager, and up until recently it's served my purposes pretty well.

However since getting into the Mojolicious framework and a few other Perl modules that require a Perl version greater than the 5.8 that cPanel is currently tied into, it's become a bit of a nightmare trying to run any Modern Perl apps on it.

While there is some Mojolicious documentation around running an app on Apache, I thought I'd document the exact steps I took to get a non-lite app up & running on my Hostgator server (although I'm sure it woul…