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  • Posted Promises promises ... to Nadim Khemir

    Problems with concurrency, a post from the hard reality.

    This worries me a bit I must admit; a few years ago, before the official release of P6, I tried my hand at concurrent programming in rakudo and it was so broken that i simply shelved P6 for over a year, it was simply not ready for …

  • Posted The emperor's new clothes to Nadim Khemir

    I noticed that I have been working on Data::Dump::Tree for 18 months which makes me a Perl6 developer with almost 2 years of "experience", \o/. What I know is that I am going to need a few more years to get around all it has to offer. But after two years it is still fun to learn new things about…

  • Posted Take a walk on the C side, ddt, du du, du du ... to Nadim Khemir

    Someone on #perl6 asked if Data::Dump::Tree (DDT) could display an int32 properly, and the adventure began.

    I have programmed in C and C++ many years; from hardware related code to mangling libraries for RPC across different cpu architectures . Few years ago we had a very large testing and…

  • Posted Perl 6 Data::Dump::Tree version 1.5 to Nadim Khemir

    For those who do not know the module, Data::Dump::Tree renders your data structures in a tree fashion for legibility.

    It also

    • can display two data structures side by side (DDTR:…

  • Posted App:Asciio 2.0 to Nadim Khemir

    I started gathering requirements for the next version of Asciio which will probably be written in Perl6 (Go is a strong contender albeit not as much fun)


  • Posted How I got re-acquainted with Perl's Grand-Pa! to Nadim Khemir


    And suddenly I remembered that I promised myself, at YAPC::EU, that I would write a tmux plugin to implement a yakuake like pane handling.

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