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Problems with concurrency, a post from the hard reality.

This worries me a bit I must admit; a few years ago, before the official release of P6, I tried my hand at concurrent programming in rakudo and it was so broken that i simply shelved P6 for over a year, it was simply not ready for a lambda dev like me. I would have loved to be in the trenches but I did not have the time to fight with core dumps.

As the speed of P6 is not stellar, I believe many of us, lambdas, will try to run things in parallel, it's also fun, to make them more attractive. The concurrency mechanism in P6 look good on paper, good enough so I can find myself dreaming of throwing in a few keywords in places I think concurrency would make a difference.

There is a nice silver lining to this one, It took a very short time before a lead developer answered me. I believe his answers may be interesting to read.

A description of the problems I encountered is here: gist

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