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  • Posted Some cute Perl amigurumis to LucDidry

    Disclaimer: this looks like an advertisement, but it's not. I just want to spread the word about really cute Perl goodies. I won't get any money from that.

    Do you know amigurumi? It's stuffed crocheted creatures.

    A few weeks ago…

  • Commented on Seeking collaborators: native puppet cpanm provider
    There's SaltStack where such a feature could be useful too : If anyone is interested, let me know (luc [at], I would be happy to help....
  • Commented on Perl and Etherpad
    Yeah, I know, but I didn't at the moment I wrote and named the module. But it's for using the Etherpad HTTP API, so isn't it a good reason to add API to the module's name? I mean, what if...
  • Posted Perl and Etherpad to LucDidry

    Etherpad is a really great collaborative editor. Written in Javascript for NodeJS, it offers a HTTP API which allows to do a lot of things.

    Despite a lot of othe…

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