Some cute Perl amigurumis

Disclaimer: this looks like an advertisement, but it's not. I just want to spread the word about really cute Perl goodies. I won't get any money from that.

Do you know amigurumi? It's stuffed crocheted creatures.

A few weeks ago, a free software enthousiast, DoomyFlo asked on Mastodon what kind of FLOSS-related stuff she could crochet. I suggested the Perl onion and the camel and the result is awesome!

Here's the onion: amigurumi Perl onion

Here's the camel: amigurumi Perl camel

The amigurumis are hand-made and 100% cute 🙂

You can order those amigurumi on (here's direct links to the onion and the camel).


Very cute camel!

I feel soft touch.

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