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  • Ether commented on Rewriting Pod::Readme

    There is a MooX::Role::Pluggable, which may serve your needs. But it's also not terribly difficult to write this bit of code manually, using Module::Pluggable.

  • Ether commented on Test::More has lots of crazy new development that's breaking my modules

    > I don't think CPAN Testers is doing the right thing by using broken Test::More's that aren't available for normal installations.

    I strongly disagree. What if these Test::More changes *were* production ready? Receiving these failing reports, before Test::More sees a stable release, would be vital to identifying issues with your code, so you have a chance to fix it before that stable release and everyone is affected. The smokers can't know whether this trial is nearing production readiness or not.

    CPAN test reports are my best indicator of whether my code is working for eve…

  • CPAN Testers commented on Test::More has lots of crazy new development that's breaking my modules

    Firstly. @preaction CPANTS != CPAN Testers. They are two very different projects.

    Secondly, this is a conversation that has cropped up before, and I'm still in two minds about it. Short answer: I tend to side with brian. The tester platform shouldn't be doing any testing with the trial/development releases of pre-requisities, unless the tester is going to manually filter the results and send to the pre-requisite author if appropriate. I do understand Ether's perspective too, and there is merit in h…

  • exodist7 commented on Test::More has lots of crazy new development that's breaking my modules

    As the person making the Test::More changes, I have to agree with this idea:

    Failures due to alpha versions of Test::More should not be red marks against OTHER modules that in no way took action to cause the problem.

    If I had known they did show up there I probably would have been reluctant to release these alphas. The alphas are valuable and help me find a lot of issues... but I don't want other people to be dinged from them. I myself judge modules based on the pass/fail ratio in cpan testers.

    At the very least these should be unknown, not fail (in metacpan/cpan dis…

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