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  • exodist7 commented on Test::More has lots of crazy new development that's breaking my modules

    As the person making the Test::More changes, I have to agree with this idea:

    Failures due to alpha versions of Test::More should not be red marks against OTHER modules that in no way took action to cause the problem.

    If I had known they did show up there I probably would have been reluctant to release these alphas. The alphas are valuable and help me find a lot of issues... but I don't want other people to be dinged from them. I myself judge modules based on the pass/fail ratio in cpan testers.

    At the very least these should be unknown, not fail (in metacpan/cpan dis…

  • Leon Timmermans commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong
    I believe that the default encoding using by File::Slurp is because of a Perl bug with threads:

    That bug is truly a PITA, but it's not particularly relevant to slurping as the handle won't be shared between threads.

  • Ether commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong
  • Fritz Zaucker commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong

    Any comments/opinions on

    use Mojo::Util qw(slurp);

    Thanks, Fritz

  • plenum commented on File::Slurp is broken and wrong

    Why slurp at all?

    Before slurping I ask myself why. Not what module or how.

    • Do I actually know the possible file size? Many times processing large files I have broken modules (and needeed to replace them) because they use slurping which do not scale to large files (Megabyte to gigabyte plus).

    • Am I applying premature optimisation? In my testing the increase in speed (if any!) was outweighed by needing to take into account encodings and binmode issues - pretty much the issues described here. Just using the native methods might be better.

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