A pre-release of Pod::Readme is available on CPAN

Last month, I mentioned that I was rewriting Pod::Readme.

Basically, this is a module that allows you to generate a useful README file from a module's POD, besides a simple "pod2text lib/MyModule.pm > README". You can add sections of POD that are only included in the README, like installation prerequisites, and exclude bits that don't belong in the README, like the details of every method.

A pre-release has just been uploaded to CPAN. A short summary of the changes:

  • It requires Perl v5.10 or newer, and uses Moose. (This will be rewritten to use Moo in a later release.)
  • Instead of using a full POD parser, it implements a simple POD filter and passes that POD to other modules to convert it to text or other formats.
  • It supports plugins. This version has plugins to include the module version, a requirements section, and the latest changes.
  • Support for generating README files as markdown, POD or other formats has been added.

Feedback would be appreciated, as are patches in the git repository.


Why the dependency on Moose and v5.10? The latter seems rather unnecessary, and the former poorly chosen (lots of dependencies, while using few of it's features: Moo sounds like it would be much more appropriate).

What limitations are there as a result of not using a full POD parser? Are there certain syntax elements that are not recognized, a depth limitation to nested elements, etc?

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