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  • About: Software Engineer at ZipRecruiter.
  • Commented on What after the Pull Request Challenge?
    Hi Mohammad! Thanks for your blog. I am working on, but I don't have much to show yet. I'm planning to have an invite-only version up by July. And a public one by December, so that PR Challenge can...
  • Commented on Highlights from TPC 2017
    Thanks Randal! Just added Dart too....
  • Posted Highlights from TPC 2017 to Kivanc Yazan


    This list contains just a small number of talks that I personally thought are important/enjoyable for the most readers. This is by no means an official list curated by an organization. See the Y…

  • Posted how to join #yapc chat on to Kivanc Yazan
    • To go online instantly in a browser, you can use Mibbit
    • To stay online (to read all messages sent, even the ones sent when you were not around), you …
  • Commented on 5 Things I Learned at YAPC
    Oh, right! I guess my brain skipped it just because I cannot attend. I'm looking forward to videos though!...
  • Posted 5 Things I Learned at YAPC to Kivanc Yazan

    Last week, I attended my very first YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference) at Orlando. While I feel I can write for pages, I want to talk only about several things, following the newest format "online newspapers" are using.

  • Posted Public Voting through Twitter to Kivanc Yazan

    Last week, we organized a charity party. It was more like a contest, or a show, in which 10 teams participated. Each team was supposed to perform a show on their choice: dance, music, or even a play. We also had a judge of 5 people to grade performances. These people were not the only ones to…

  • Commented on My Attempt at CPAN PR Challenge for 01/2015
    Thank you for your comment! I'll try to do my best!...
  • Posted My Attempt at CPAN PR Challenge for 01/2015 to Kivanc Yazan

    When I was reading through Perl Weekly newsletter the other day, I realized that there is a challenge named 'CPAN Pull Request Challenge'. Everyone was invited to join, and I decided to give it a go. It was organized by Neil Bowers, who…

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