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  • Christian Hansen commented on Time::Moment vs DateTime

    And the benchmark:

  • commented on What should be in a CPAN distro README?

    I liked this idea a great deal. So much so that I adopted it in the Git::Hooks module.

    However, after releasing it I got a pull request explaining that there are some problems in keeping a README.pod file at the root of my distribution because it will be installed in the wrong place. (In my case, as Git::README instead of Git::Hooks::README.)

    One solution would be to rename it to and replace POD with Markdo…

  • Ron Savage commented on Semantic POD

    Hi Gabor

    Thanx for the detective work in finding all those pod modules.

    I take the # to be an indicator of how many people felt dissatisfied enough to scratch their itches.

    I think pod is sufficiently structured that storing it in a tree is the best in-memory representation. Then, there should be 1 reader and N writers.

    And it's the lack of a tree module in core which has previously stopped me from adopting any pod-oriented modules (unless there's one which doesn't have Tree in its name, which is what I searched for). Supporting ancient Perls is of course also…

  • Gabor Szabo commented on Semantic POD

    I have not given a lot of thought to actual tags, implementation, and compatibility, but pod could declare its version number and there could be an official parser included in the core.

    In any case, I am not planning to do any implementation. I'll stick to talking (or writing) about stuff. So if anyone else feels that this is a worthy and fun project, I won't stand in their way.

  • Gabor Szabo commented on Promoting your Perl workshop or conference?

    You probably refer to YAPC, right?

    There is also the PerlJam by Barbie and a year ago I wrote a post called Perl Event organizer kit. I am afraid most organizers don't read any of these, but maybe the notice a blog post. At least now I can refer them to that post regarding the Perl Weekly.

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