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  • About: I'm the author of Mastering Perl, and the co-author of Learning Perl (6th Edition), Intermediate Perl, Programming Perl (4th Edition) and Effective Perl Programming (2nd Edition).
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  • Steve Dickinson commented on What is a "Senior Developer"?

    Very good write up about senior developers. While I agree with these points I would also add that an additional characteristic of a Sr. Dev is one of leadership. Typically, it's necessary for a Sr. Dev to provide guidance and wisdom to other devs that may not be as experienced. This may involve being the team leader or simply mentoring others devs on the team.

  • Yuki Kimoto commented on The 20th Anniversary Perl mongers Shirt

    Oh, good design!

  • signothefish commented on The 20th Anniversary Perl mongers Shirt

    Hi Brian, I live in the US, where can I get one of these shirts?

  • Vladimir Melnik commented on Subclassing Tricky Non-Moose Classes: Constructor Problems

    Thank you!

    In my case, subclassing a ResultSet of DBIx::Class has been solved by the following couple of subs:

    # Sometimes DBIx::Class has to create an object based on a ResultSet's
    # class. In several cases (for example, see the as_subselect_rs() method
    # of DBIx::Class::ResultSet) it invokes the constructor with a single
    # parameter (a DBIx::Class::ResultSource::Table-based object), which Moose
    # doesn't like.

    my $class = shift;
    if( (scalar(@_) eq 1) && (UNIVERSAL::can($_[0], 'isa')) ) {
    return({ _result_source…

  • Buddy Burden commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    Hey, Ryan. How's it going?

    Just tried to look at my failures, but I hit two problems:
    * The author page says I have two failing modules, but the module page only lists one with my name on it.
    * The link to the failure log gives me a 404.

    Thx for all your hard work!

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