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  • smls commented on Smartmatch in 5.27.7

    Maybe documenting some rationale for at least "whereso" would help

    It's probably inspired by the so function from Perl 6, which simply coerces its argument to Bool - like the not function but without the negation.

  • ronw commented on Smartmatch in 5.27.7

    I think that smart match tried to do too much. the use I had for it was "when" to allow for a more flexible "switch" construct than using a mix of "nswitch", "sswitch" and "rswitch" (and variations, as provided by various CPAN modules).

    Things like "appearing as a value in an array", and other complexities, would be better accomplished by their own operators or functions.

  • Tom Wyant commented on Smoking Perl

    Mail was my biggest doubt too. I used to be a desultory CPAN tester, but gave it up a few years back when it became impossible for me to inject mail into their system. I hope things are better now, but have not gone back to see.

    I took the default mailer (/usr/bin/mail), but while things were running I used it to send myself a message. This never arrived at my ISP, so I expected nothing to show up at either. But it did. My conclusion is that it was surprisingly easy, though not quite trivial.

  • David Hoekman commented on Smoking Perl

    Thanks for writing up that step-by-step guide. Once I saw it was really quite simple to do, it was the nudge that got me to do what I'd always intended to do someday, start smoking...

  • Mohammad S Anwar commented on What after the Pull Request Challenge?

    Hi brian d foy, please do expect few PR from me since it is an open invite ;-)

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