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  • About: Al Newkirk is a web application developer from Philadelphia, PA in the United States who specializes in Perl development with MySQL on a Windows platform using Strawberry Perl. I do a bunch of other stuff too, stick around and find out what!
  • Commented on CGI is dead, long live CGI
    Mojolicious is a full-stack web framework and damn fast as a cgi-script. Running web apps as CGI has other issues as well, like making sure that permissions are set properly so you dont end up allowing joe douchebag to download...
  • Commented on Building Your First App with MongoDB and Perl at MongoDB Boston
    I would love to come, will be traveling a bunch this month, maybe I'll make it. BTW, I just released an update to MongoDBI, which is scheduled for a complete rewrite soon. Let's chat sometime, I'm always around....
  • Commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic
    I’ve used Catalyst, Dancer and Mojolicious. I’ve use Catalyst, Dancer and Mojolicious. There are no silver bullets, one-size does not fit all, variety is good, TIMTOWTDI, etc, etc. I concur, as previously mentioned by someone else, that Mojo/Mojolicious doesn’t appear...
  • Commented on Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it?
    Most of what you stated is simply not true (no basis in reality) with the exception of the "permissions popup" and it being turned off by most people that think its an annoyance....
  • Commented on Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it?
    The Windows window manager not having a decent multiple desktop experience is definitely the rant with the most merit. "Stay-On-Top" is a great tool to prevent focus stealing that I use on every Windows install. Re: "apt-get to get 3rd...
  • Posted Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it? to awncorp

    Does Windows really suck? Yes. Is Windows also awesomesauce? Yes. Are both these statements and answers contradictions? Yes .. and No. Wait, what? I don’t understand the question. Does Windows suck, yes or no? It depends.


    • Yes, Windows sucks as an operating syst…

  • Posted Scribble: Yet Another Attempt To Make Perl ... to awncorp

    Yet another bright idea (I think) to make Perl look and act like something else ....

    # so basically this would load classes on-the-fly using Module::Runtime (or the like) if not already loaded, and provide simple and cute access to class methods, etc. Obviously there are times (most-times)…

  • Posted MongoDBI - has documentation, isa => 'starting point' to awncorp

    Over the past few days I've hacked together some documentation for MongoDBI to serve as a starting point. Its not extensive or complete but it enough for you to get your feet wet.


  • Posted MongoDBI, ... I made it, go check it out! to awncorp

    I'm a little burnt out from doing client work, working on MongoDBI all last week, writing code then documentation, ... so, yup, MongoDBI, MongoDB ODM, I just started it, check it out, .. leave comments if you're not too burnt out.


  • Posted NOT MY FATHER'S ITERATION... to awncorp

    When developing software (or deliverables in general) ... it is a good practice to give your finished product an identifier distinguishing it from other like products (or even different variations of the same product).

  • Posted My Little Pony, You can ride err if you want. to awncorp


    Pegasus - The Module-Starter for DBIx::Class data models

    Pegasus is a simple scaffolding utility for RAD (rapid app development).
    It helps you generate a DBIx::Class data model with schem…

  • Posted Validation::Class, Mojolicious::Lite and HTML5 Form Field Rendering to awncorp

  • Posted Validation::Class - Screencast to awncorp

    Validation::Class Overview Screencast. In this video I explain what Validation::Class is, why it is, and what it has to offer you.


    I has only just occurred to me that Validation::Class is not a new approach, concept or execution for me. It is merely the result of a refinement process after lots of trial-and-error (mostly error) and time.

    In the beginning there was Oogly, then Oogly::Aagly, and finally Validation::Clas…

  • Posted Validation::Class - Completely Rewritten to awncorp

    I have completely rewritten Validation-Class using Moose. The new Validation::Class is better documented and well-tested. I created Validation-Class for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the fact that I wanted/needed a data validation library that was as reusable as possible,…

  • Posted MovableType is the Ugly Duckling of CMS' to awncorp

    ... and thats all I have to say about that.

  • Posted Outsource Emailing to awncorp

    No one like addressing the email aspect of an application because of the many nuances involved ... yada yada. ... I've been nursing the idea of outsourcing email from within my SaaS applications by delegating the sending and tracking of email using APIs of popular email campaign…

  • Commented on Listing All Installed Programs in Windows XP
    Probably a little known and even less used module I built, is a parser for the WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Command) with is a little known command-line utility that ships all major versions of Windows to allow the getting/setting of...
  • Posted Scrappy - Automated Full Service Web Spider to awncorp

    For the past two/three months (on and off) I have been developing a web spider framework that would bring together many web scraping concepts and methodologies and combine them in one library (package). That framework is Scrappy which is a play on the term (scraper happy or happy scraper), not to…

  • Posted Project E.T. - I need your help... to awncorp

    Project E.T. is a tech mentoring initiative that I intend to spearhead and that I hope will be adopted internationally. This page serves merely as a whiteboard for concepts and theories. Project E.T. which is an acronym for Each one, Teach one expresses the fundamental idea behind this…

  • Posted Perl across OS' (The Shebang) to awncorp

    The shebang line is the first line of the Perl script denoted by the #! which is the first two characters on the first line of the program which specifies the path to the script's interpreter, in the case of Perl it specifies the path to the Perl executable (interpreter). Perl has been…

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  • Steven Haryanto commented on CGI is dead, long live CGI
    Mojolicious is a full-stack web framework and damn fast as a cgi-script.

    Can you provide some numbers or benchmarks?

    I tried the Mojo hello world described in its Synopsis:

    use Mojo::Base 'Mojo';

    # All the complexities of CGI, PSGI, HTTP and WebSockets get reduced to a
    # single method call!
    sub handler {
    my ($self, $tx) = @_;

    # Request
    my $method = $tx->req->method;
    my $path = $tx->req->url->path;

    # Response

  • Christopher Cashell commented on CGI is dead, long live CGI

    Simple, quick to install, but moderately well featured pastebin application:

    Stickey Notes -

    It's written in PHP, but it's the nicest and easiest one I could find when I was looking for one to deploy for primarily personal use.

  • Steven Haryanto commented on CGI is dead, long live CGI

    @Christopher: Thanks! Sticky Notes is nice indeed. Why can't Perl web apps be as simple as PHP to install/deploy? :-/

  • marcoonroad commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Sorry for my bad english, Perl Hackers, I has (near) 6 months with Perl, I has come from PHP, Python and Ruby languages, so, Perl is Uglyness than all? No, may be, or not, (Uglyness for me is bad structured and modularized code) but Perl is so far the most flexible language that I learn. I still study Software Engineering course based (with small things about Computer Science) here in the Brazil. My Intro to Development Web teacher was working with Perl in the 90’s years, but now he is work with C# (He was work with too, before, Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, C, etc…, good people).…

  • marcoonroad commented on Response to an Anonymous Critic

    Oh Sawyer X, i like so much your Dancer presentation for Python Programmers, thanks.

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