Building Your First App with MongoDB and Perl at MongoDB Boston

I'll be speaking on October 24th at MongoDB Boston 2012, taking place at the lovely Marriot Courtyard Tremont/Downtown.

Conference registration is a mere $100 ($30 for students). There are three tracks, covering everything from beginner topics presented by 10gen staff to advanced, detailed MongoDB presentations by industry leaders. Here's the abstract for my talk:

This talk introduces the features of MongoDB by demonstrating how one can build a simple library application. The talk will cover the basics of MongoDB's document model, query language, and API. In addition, we will learn how to use MongoDB within a typical web application framework.

If you're in Boston and you've never used MongoDB before, or are thinking of trying it out, I'd highly recommend stopping by. The demo application for the talk is written with Mojolicious::Lite and will soon be available on GitHub for you to experiment with.

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I would love to come, will be traveling a bunch this month, maybe I'll make it.

BTW, I just released an update to MongoDBI, which is scheduled for a complete rewrite soon.

Let's chat sometime, I'm always around.

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