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  • Posted Today's task - RPMs! to Joe McMahon

    Haven't messed with RPMs for a long while (at Yahoo! we had folks whose job it was to provide the prebuilt system tools in the Y! format - among them, Mike Schilli of Log4perl fame who was our Perl packager), but today I'm building Perl 5.10.1 RPMS for our CentOS 5 systems.

    I was able to t…

  • Posted Hudson and Perl - the flyover version to Joe McMahon

    This subject really requires a whole series of posts, but for the moment I'd just like to lay out the basics of what's needed to integrate your Perl development process and Hudson.

    First and foremost, you must be using some source control system. Doesn't matter if it's CVS, Subversion, Git…

  • Commented on Automating builds
    Well, can't tell you anything about the Blekko stuff yet, but part one of the Hudson stuff will go up later today....
  • Posted Automating builds to Joe McMahon

    I'm currently working at Blekko, Inc.; we're still in stealth mode, so I can't really say anything about what we're doing, except that it's really cool, and it's all in Perl.

    Working for a startup is wildly different from anything that I've done before; ther…

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