Automating builds

I'm currently working at Blekko, Inc.; we're still in stealth mode, so I can't really say anything about what we're doing, except that it's really cool, and it's all in Perl.

Working for a startup is wildly different from anything that I've done before; there's an incredible amount of freedom, coupled with an equal amount of responsibility. I love working here.

I'm currently doing a lot of work on our build process, streamlining it and automating it. I'm running things under Hudson with a lot of support stuff to get Perl integrated into Hudson's very Java-y workflow. I'm holding back on details for the moment until I've submitted my proposal to OSCON, but once I've done that I'll talk more about what I've been doing.


So when do you think you'll be ready to fess up? And more importantly, when will you get it into CPAN so we can start using it?

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