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  • Commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC
    You can use for that: no lib '.'; or PERL5OPT=-M-lib=....
  • Commented on How fast can you try?
    Ah, makes more sense now. Thanks...
  • Posted Autoload::AUTOCAN - Autoloading the easy way to Grinnz

    Autoload can be a very powerful tool in Perl, though often you should first consider if there's a better way; Autoload is not necessarily the best solution for cases where you just need to generate many methods by name, and definitely is…

  • Commented on How fast can you try?
    Also interesting that you found Try::Catch to be slower than Try::Tiny, given its purpose is to be faster....
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla @Starter - Revision 2
    The great thing about Dist::Zilla is we have all of these options to serve any preference. One other note, [ReadmeAnyFromPod] with location = root automatically excludes the generated file from the build. Though it doesn't hurt to exclude it manually...
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla @Starter - Revision 2
    Regarding the GitHub readme, that's beyond the scope of this bundle currently, as it does not assume any source control system. I prefer to generate README.pod and copy it on release and regenerate, either way it needs to be excluded...
  • Commented on Dist::Zilla @Starter - Revision 2
    Neat, hadn't seen that one. I might use it in my own bundle, but I'll have to consider whether it would be appropriate for this one....
  • Posted Dist::Zilla @Starter - Revision 2 to Grinnz

    I recently released revision 2 of the [@Starter] plugin bundle for Dist::Zilla. This revision brings small improvements to the default behavior, as well as the option to set a different installer plugin. In order to use the…

  • Posted CPAN Meta Browser to Grinnz

    I've been looking for a better way to access the public CPAN metadata in files such as 02packages.details.txt and 06perms.txt, for checking the module index and CPAN permissions. For the latter you can always sign into but I found that to be inconvenient. So I wrote a…

  • Commented on Else Clauses on Loops
    Regarding the syntax, it could definitely be a useful feature. My concern would be that its meaning is somewhat vague at first glance, especially since (as others mentioned) python has a similar syntax which works very strangely. Also consider things...
  • Commented on Else Clauses on Loops
    I like to use "foreach" specifically because that reflects that I am using the form that is different from the usual (as perpetrated by C) "for". But I'll still use "for" for terseness in postfix syntax....
  • Commented on Short presentation of The new Perl debugger
    Perl 5.24 is actually available on Travis without any special handling, as of a few months ago....
  • Posted Dist::Zilla - Why you should use @Starter instead of @Basic to Grinnz

    I posted previously about a new "starter" bundle for Dist::Zilla, the CPAN author's automation tool. I'd like to briefly try to answer the…

  • Posted Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Starter - A new way to start using Dist::Zilla to Grinnz

    Dist::Zilla is an extremely powerful and versatile CPAN authoring tool, which has enabled me to reliably publish many distributions with minimal fuss. It has the ability to automate your entire…

  • Commented on Christmas Came, Bah Humbug
    "Async: Perl 6 is probably on equal ground here, and maybe even better, but Javascript is definitely way better at async than Perl 5." It's true that Javascript and Perl 6 both have significant advantages in built-in async support. In...
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  • Diab Jerius commented on How fast can you try?

    How embarrassing. There's a bug in the script.

    These lines:

    use if $ENV{TRY_TINY_TINY}, 'Try::Tiny::Tiny';
    use if $ENV{TRY_TINY_MASTER}, lib => 'Try-Tiny-339b2ba3b0/lib';

    Will not always result in Try::Tiny being loaded from my requested directory.

    They need to be swapped:

    use if $ENV{TRY_TINY_MASTER}, lib => 'Try-Tiny-339b2ba3b0/lib';
    use if $ENV{TRY_TINY_TINY}, 'Try::Tiny::Tiny';

    I'll update the script and the results.

  • Diab Jerius commented on How fast can you try?

    Aargh TryCatch != Try::Catch. Disregard my remarks.

  • Diab Jerius commented on How fast can you try?

    Results and code updated.

  • Aristotle commented on How fast can you try?

    Well, now. That does indeed look a lot more plausible.

    TT vs TTM differ only in whether the SV returned from caller gets assigned to an SV on the pad, which is clearly going to be a noise-level difference.

    But TTT vs TTTM differ in that TTTM skips the caller call entirely, which should rise above the noise, if only just – as indeed it seems to.

    The fact that TC is so much slower than TTTM is bizarre, though. A quick skim does not reveal any obvious culprit either. I’ve filed an issue…

  • Konstantin Uvarin commented on Trials and troubles with changing @INC

    Wow! So cool, never would have thought of it.

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