What is the value that Perl offers?

We are lost.

Temptation and desires will make us lost.

Where is Perl going after Raku begins to take a different path?

Raku provides new values.

Perl provides traditional and conservative values.

If you lead Perl to Raku, Perl will fail.

If you ask Raku for Perl, Raku will fail.

When we talk, we need to be aware of the difference between Raku and Perl.

We are lost.

Those who like traditional Perl have respected SUPER and bless.

Those who aim for Raku have thought that SUPER and bless are failures.

That has become a negative campaign against Perl.

We may need to go back to the fundamentals of what Perl offers.

The Perl language is a good language, but the Perl community continues to fail in marketing.

What benefits does Perl offer?

What is Perl's mission?

Who is a Perl user?

Where is Perl used?

What are the strengths of Perl?

What is Perl's vision?

We talk a lot about the details of the language, but haven't talked about the value that Perl offers to society.

Isn't it time for the Perl core team to start talking about Perl marketing?


I agree Perl needs to carve its own path, but I disagree that we should blindly hold on to how things work. SUPER and bless don't need to go away, but we would be remiss to not consider adding more programmer-friendly mechanisms; more choices.

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