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  • About: I blog about Perl and related technologies primarily from a webdev perspective.
  • Posted Inside-out loops to Joe Johnston

    This is a silly post. I am going to show you a contrived example of Perl code that is emulating what 8-bit assembler code does to loop through a 16-bit value. Why?

    I have an ongoing researching project involving the Atari 2600 Video Console System, which has a MOS 6502 microcontroller at…

  • Posted Is this thing on? to Joe Johnston

    This year, I begin my nineteenth year of professional programming with Perl. It seems that I just can quit you, Perl.

    Not that there is a compelling reason to do so. Sure, there are a lot of "hot" newish language/frameworks out there, like node.js, ruby on rails and python/django. And t…

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