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This year, I begin my nineteenth year of professional programming with Perl. It seems that I just can quit you, Perl.

Not that there is a compelling reason to do so. Sure, there are a lot of "hot" newish language/frameworks out there, like node.js, ruby on rails and python/django. And those tools are worth getting to know, not the least of which reason to do so is in the pursuit of paying gig.

Popularity of a technology is mostly important when you start a project and when all technologies are equally alien to you. In my case, Perl is home. It is the tool I can use nearly in my sleep. I know where the pitfalls are and where it shines.

The crack about Perl being write-only line noise has always annoyed me. Every language can be have hard to follow programs written in them. At least Perl often makes it easy to untangle them (thanks, perl debugger).

I do not have a clear agenda for this blog, but I need a place to sort tech notes that I find useful as I roll through projects. I have done this in other places, but perhaps this platform is the most appropriate.

For the record, I am building projects with Mojolicious, DBIX::Class and Carton, so you will probably see post involving these technologies.


Welcome. I hope to see you on #mojo!

Can RoR really be considered 'hot' and 'new' ?

Wikipedia claims

RoR Initial release: 18 December 2005; 10 years ago

Django is actually older:

Initial release 21 July 2005; 10 years ago[1]

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