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  • About: I am a freelance Perl developer from, Germany. I regularly support Perl teams for weeks up to months to get things done and try to leave things better than I found it. Although I am often offered a full-time job, I like looking into different companies and sharing useful experiences between teams.

    Together with Lichtkind we run the Perl Mongers group.

    In my spare time I work on a web platform for collecting recipes and making food plans for multi-day group events:
  • Commented on See you next year at 36c3!
    @steffenw: There's a searchbox on but it returns not very specific results. Most talks at congress don't have a focus on Perl. Nevertheless it's still necessary to be present as Perl community and an important part of congress are...
  • Posted See you next year at 36c3! to Daniel Böhmer

    Visitors of the 35th Chaos Communication Congress had a great time between Christmas and new year's eve and you're invited to be part of it next year at the 36th congress. As everybody seems to be pleased with the venue it will probably be from December 27th to 30th again in…

  • Posted Update: Perl Mongers 🐫🦋 at 35th Chaos Communication Congress to Daniel Böhmer

    This is a follow-up to the previous blog post Perl[56] on the 35c3.

    The Perl community will be officially present on the 35th Chaos Commu…

  • Posted Perl[56] on the 35c3 to Daniel Böhmer

    Between Christmas and new year (Dec 27-30) Leipzig, Germany will hold the largest hacker conference in Europe: the 35th Chaos Communication Congress. Do you consider going to 35c3?

    Tickets are sold only in…

  • Commented on qk: Quote Membership Hash Keys
    I like your idea, although I found the result of qk() quite surprising. It's useful after all. However, I suggest writing my $arrayref = qa[foo bar] to make it look like an arrayref constructor....
  • Commented on Stupid Regexp Trick: Fail on match
    Is there any reason you could not make use of Scalar::Util::looks_like_number?...
  • Commented on Simplest way of serving local files over HTTP?
    I've been using http_this for a long time. It's easy to install if you're used to CPAN and just a simple command without mandatory arguments. Much better than any Perl or Python code to remember and type in each time....
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  • Aristotle commented on qk: Quote Membership Hash Keys

    I’m not a fan of either proposal, though especially not of qa(), because of how little they offer, and how easily they are replicated by just chucking a few functions into List::Util:

    our $cars_ref = array qw(sedan hatchback coupe);
    our %is_color = members qw(red blue green);

    … and though array may not seem worth it, it does have the advantage over [] that you can often leave off the parentheses in the function call, in which case it offers prefix notation rather than the built-in circumfix.

    Then old…

  • Matthew Persico commented on qk: Quote Membership Hash Keys

    I could live without either. I think qk() is more useful than qa(), given that qa saves you two non whitespace keystrokes:

    my $aref = qa( a b c );
    ## vs
    my $aref = [qw( a b c)];

    And yes, Aristotle is correct; qk() is the better syntax given usage would be

    my %h = qk( a b c )

    And if you want a hash ref, then this should be sufficient:

    my $h = { qk(a b c ) };

  • morandimus commented on qk: Quote Membership Hash Keys

    I'm not a fan of either proposal... because of how little they offer

    In my opinion, qk() offers clearer code, and that's not a little thing. I will not comment further on qa() since it isn't my idea, although I personally like it.

    they are replicated by just chucking a few functions into List::Util

    While qa() and qk() could indeed be provided as a function in List::Util (or List::MoreUtils), Perl has plenty of core features that could have (should have?) been implemented as modules. For example, s…

  • Toby Inkster commented on qk: Quote Membership Hash Keys
  • Dean commented on See you next year at 36c3!

    Great work representing perl. Keep it up.

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