Update: Perl Mongers 🐫🦋 at 35th Chaos Communication Congress

This is a follow-up to the previous blog post Perl[56] on the 35c3.

The Perl community will be officially present on the 35th Chaos Communication Congress! We have several well known developers on site and registered a space dedicated to Perl for everyone to visit—at this event it's called an assembly and our's is named Perl Mongers 🐫🦋 (including the cute Unicode symbols).

You've got a ticket but can't attend? Some of our folks didn't receive a ticket and would love to jump in. Please contact us!

You're going there? Of course visit our assembly yourself, maybe take a seat or store your belongings at our tables. Don't forget to wear your Perl t-shirts and bring other swag!

You need accommodation? I still have beds in private flats available while all hotels seem to be sold out! Please contact me via IRC or e-mail at dboehmer@cpan.org.

We share information and organize via IRC and an Etherpad session. You can chat with us and find the link to the Etherpad at #35c3 on irc.perl.org (Webchat via Mibbit).

See you soon in Leipzig

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