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  • Posted A short video introduction to App::rs, the first reference counting CPAN client. to Yang Bo
  • Commented on A new object system for Perl
    Suppose Foo::Bar is a module implementing a Dot class, you typically create an instance from it by saying: my $obj = Foo::Bar::mod({}, ...); If the methods of a Dot class only refer to the object through a weakened reference there...
  • Posted A new object system for Perl to Yang Bo
    I just released Dot, it's a new object system for Perl, some of its highlight and difference:
    • There's no code for this object system, you don't even have to install the module to use it.
    • An object is a hash, a method is a closure, and a class is a subroutine.
    • True pr…
  • Commented on A new Linux distribution with Perl as its heart
    No, I never used gentoo, I did a quick read of relative documentation, and there is an equivalent in rs, build configurations are programmable in Perl, and different building instructions could be dynamically generated depending on the command line arguments...
  • Posted A new Linux distribution with Perl as its heart to Yang Bo

    I just released RSLinux-v1.01, it's a new Linux distribution with its package in Perl. It offers complete freedom on how you want it to be, like LFS, but much much easier. And needless to say, if you're a Perl hacker you a…

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