A new Linux distribution with Perl as its heart

I just released RSLinux-v1.01, it's a new Linux distribution with its package manager, build configurations, and a demo one liner init system all written in Perl. It offers complete freedom on how you want it to be, like LFS, but much much easier. And needless to say, if you're a Perl hacker you already got extra advantage to use it.

The package manager is available on CPAN now, and there's also a VM image on github so that you could easily try it out.

Please see the documentation for more information.


This could be quite an interesting basis for an AMI image of just enough os (JeOS) for a perl app.

Hi, what about Gentoo, have you used it? Its best feature for me is the USE variable; does rs have an equivalent already?

OK, I'll study it more carefully later. Thank you.

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