Brian Phillips

  • Commented on Thanks for the Live Streams from YAPC::NA
    @Mark - you can view the streams without silverlight. Here's a Perl script courtesy of the #yapc IRC channel:
  • Commented on YAPC - Lightning workshop
    It's like speed dating for programmers!...
  • Commented on Syntax highlight your SQL HEREDOCs in VIM
    It'd be nice if the region didn't start with the HEREDOC tag itself. For instance, I tweaked the snippet to work with an XML HEREDOC and the beginning << of the HEREDOC shows up in red because it's invalid XML....
  • Commented on When rand isn't random
    And now I'm a perl5 core contributor!
  • Posted When rand isn't random to Brian Phillips

    In spite of having programming Perl mostly full time for the last 12 years, I still find myself learning new things about how Perl works (like the time I discovered the arcane apostrophe package separator when trying to add a

  • Commented on When rand isn't random
    @mpeters - yes, that was my intent. I've updated the post to reflect the correct srand call in the init handler. Thanks...
  • Commented on Catalyst, MySQL, SQLite, H::FH, UTF-8 and more
    If you are able to reproduce an H::FH bug in an isolated test case (i.e. outside your application), I'm sure the author would work on supplying a fix. I dropped by in the #formhandler IRC channel (see the SUPPORT section...
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