Thanks for the Live Streams from YAPC::NA

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the live streams broadcasting these days!
With the time shift to my place it allows me to drop into yapc::na after my workday and enjoy some talks.
This is definitely a very cool feature of the Perl community.

(I also would like to encourage everybody who watches and appreciates the live streams to drop a little thank-you note here.)


I wish I could leave a thank you note, but "Install Microsoft Silverlight" excludes those of us who aren't members of the club. By all accounts the rest of the YAPC::NA organisation appears to have been excellent, but this particular decision has left me hugely disappointed. I can only hope that archives of the videos in free/open formats will be made available afterwards.

@Mark - you can view the streams without silverlight. Here's a Perl script courtesy of the #yapc IRC channel:

The script is not working for me, but at least copy-pasting the UUID's is easy enough:

Anyway, thanks for all the streams. A couple of comments: 1) sound is good (they just need to remind speakers to repeat attendees' questions so stream listeners can hear the questions; but 2) the lighting in some room is not good enough? But nevertheless, thanks a lot!

Here's the javascript snippet to add a link to the video stream:

Useful if you have dotJs or Greasemonkey.

You're quite welcome!

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