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  • About: I try to write all code in Perl, but find I end up writing in bash, CSS, HTML, JS, and SQL, and doing database design, just to get anything done...
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  • Steven Haryanto commented on Oh Carp!

    Ah, I misread dolmen's original comment. Deleting the application's version of Carp will indeed cure the problem. Except when some other modules which are included by the application decides that it needs a recent version of Carp.

  • Chris K commented on Subroutine Calling Conventions

    Hey Ron,

    I am writing these tutorials from the perspective of a beginner/casual user. In other words, I'm sharing what I know for the fun of it, with the expectation that some things I do will be wrong. It's an evolutionary process.

    That said, I'll probably take a look at that reference. Thank you.

  • Phred commented on CPAN RT overrun by spam

    Hi Ron,

    Looks like Captcha-reCaptcha has the most in my inbox.

  • Ether commented on CPAN RT overrun by spam

    This is nothing new. There are several spam tickets in the queue every day -- you just usually don't see them because little elves clear them out. I'm back from my business trip now so things should appear to return to normal :D

    Remember, you can always mark a ticket as spam by clicking the S in the upper right corner - two spam votes (from any RT users) will delete the ticket.

  • sheila.tanner35 commented on Truth about

    I'm currently working on my CV, portfolio, and motivation letter so I can apply to for the UX Designer position. I'm ok with the company having a bureaucratic environment; I survived nearly 13 years in the US military. If we could have fit in any more bureaucracy there, we would have made great honorary Volgons (H2G2 reference). Not to mention, the pay can't be any worse than my current pay for the same job. I always hear about how freelance work gives you more freedom, but in my experience working as part of a team is more conducive to an atmosphere of freedom. If hired,…

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