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  • About: I try to write all code in Perl, but find I end up writing in bash, CSS, HTML, JS, and SQL, and doing database design, just to get anything done...
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  • Joel Berger commented on You have nothing to lose but your chains!

    Yes indeed. Thanks. Fixed.

  • commented on Book Report - December 2014

    Sid Burn:

    You didn't really need any module at all to explain classes. I would say, someone only has really understand object-orientation if he knew how to code OO in an imperative or functional style. And that is the most important thing. OO is not about shiny syntax and having "class, method, new" keywords and so on, it is about the idea of encapsulating data/state.

    For example an imperative way of describing a "Person-Class". At first you think about a datastructure which data/state it should hold. Well something simple, a person just have a name and an age field. And you …

  • andreluis1982 commented on Truth about

    Well, is it good or not good to work at Booking? And, if it's good, is good to move to Netherlands with family, is it sufficient to live in a good way and dreaming about the future of career and personal life?

  • Neil Bowers commented on The Perl QA Hackathon 2015

    There's a paypal button now!

  • emailmarkyj commented on Mojolicious: Do It For The Candy!

    Hi Joel,

    I’m just getting my head around Mojolicious and found your posts really helpful. One thing I found in the test for the websocket script was that I had to change line 32 from:

    $row = Mojo::DOM->new($html)->find(‘tr td’)->text;


    @row = Mojo::DOM->new($html)->find(‘tr td’)->map(‘text’)->each;

    Otherwise I got the following error: Can’t locate object method “text” via package “Mojo::Collection”. I’m not quite sure why I was getting the error, surely the method would b…

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