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  • Duncan commented on Time::Moment vs DateTime

    Perl badly needs a standard or at least a "de facto" standard for date time handling. DateTime has seemed to be emerging as that standard for some years. Unfortunately this is the third or so article in the last twelve months criticising it and promoting something else.

    Wouldn't it have been great to read that two clever programmers had collaborated and that DateTime version ??? was backward compatable and really flew.

    Then the benefits would have gradually crept into our codebase without me getting into another argument about standard modules.

    The stats quoted for Ti…

  • Duncan commented on Time::Moment vs DateTime

    "without me getting into another argument about standard modules"

    Slightly worried about what I've written there. I'm writing about an argument at $work, not with anyone on this list.

  • gvl commented on A bit more about Time::Moment

    Why no overloading operators other than stringification and comparison? It would be easier to just add two scalars containing a references to a Time::Moment class than use plus_hours or one of those other methods.

  • commented on Time::Moment vs DateTime

    Panda::Date is the fastest available framework. It doesn't use OS's time functions, instead it implements its own which are much faster. And with all these speeds, it is full-featured like datetime

  • commented on Time::Moment vs DateTime

    moreover it has C++ interface with speeds of dozens millions/s. which you can use from your xs modules diretcly without slow perl layers.

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