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    A Perl module to handle roles (users and groups) in PostgreSQL, Role::Pg::Roles

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  • Commented on Djet
    Well, it's a CMS and does what CMS'es do. Only better than most IMHO. For now I would only recommend the use of Djet for the adventurous and skilled Perl developer....
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    Now that I've put Djet into production, I recon it's time I at least told about it.

    Djet is a Node Based Content Management System. It's a rather advanced one, using features from modern Perl and PostgreSQL. It's meant to be used behind some kind…

  • Commented on Padre is now on Github
    I think that Gabor is keeping the old svn for some time, but the idea is that it's closed for updates. I don't know if he's gotten around to it yet. The issues will be tracked in Github in the...
  • Commented on Padre is now on Github
    boris, Thanks for your comment. The link you give is really to the Padre distribution, which is only one out of 99 repositories. There are support distributions, plugins, etc also, I'll admit Padre is the central one, but the main...
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    Perhaps you remember Padre, The Perl IDE. It was started around 5 years ago, had a lot of development, and ended up being a quite decent programmer's editor.

    Alas it's been suffering from lack of care for a couple of years now. Not because of lack of need or interest, but because nobody se…

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    Role::REST::Client is a small module to be used as a Moose role. It will enable your module to call REST services in a clean, transparent way.…

  • Posted REST authentication to kaare

    A week ago or so, I wrote about the new Role::REST::Client.

    This is just a short note to tell that it now does ="…

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    At least that's the goal. I've split Catalyst::Model::REST in two, so there's a new Role::REST::Client as well as the original distribution.

    Originally I started CMR because I needed to access some REST services from a Catalyst application. There was nothing useful around, so I wrote a sim…

  • Commented on Unexpected PITA progress
    The "original design draft" on is stale....
  • Posted celebrated CPAN's birthday to kaare

    We held our monthly (almost...) meeting on the last Wednesday of the month instead of the last Tuesday, because it supposedly is CPAN's 16 year birthday.

    Being a round birthday (choosing the right base notation), we celebrated with chips, sandwiches and drinks, kindly provided by ="…

  • Commented on Moving my Perl presence to
    Welcome! Hope you will have a nice stay here....
  • Commented on My Talks from YAPC::Europe 2011
    The two links to your talks are dead....
  • Commented on Welcome to Perl Node Interface
    Looks nice. Some real-world examples would help. What do you use it for? What do you think it could be used for?...
  • Commented on To switch or not to switch - The MySQL Question
    While it may be true that you can compare MySQL and PostgreSQL if you only want them as data stores, there's no doubt which one wins if you'd like to push functionality into the database. Btw, the count() problem is...
  • Commented on Joining
    Hi Zak Welcome to Looking forward to see your postings in the future :-)...
  • Commented on What's new in Perl 5.14
    Very nice overview. I really like vstrings now! :-)...
  • Posted Nordic Perl Workshop 2011 to kaare

    I just learned that Nordic Perl Workshop 2011 will take place in Malmö on June 18 and 19.

    NPW 2011 page

    As it's just across Øresund from Copenhagen, I'll definitely be there. I hope you will too!

  • Commented on Welcome Perl !
    Welcome. I hope you will have a pleasant trip!...
  • Commented on Webserver Golf
    "Golf, as I truly despise the game; a game so dull Volkswagen felt motivated to name a car after it." Wrong. The Golf name is derived from the German word for Gulf Stream — and the period in its history...
  • Commented on Hello, world!
    I can't find code prettyprint for comments in MT, so #!/usr/bin/env perl use 5.010; use strict; use warnings; say "Welcome!";...
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    Tradition tells us to look back and forward when a year turns. And this year I choose to be a traditionalist.
    It's been a remarkable year for me, Work- and Perl Wise. I had the opportunity to work with two great companies with both skilled and devoted coworkers.

  • Commented on First Post in here
    A warm welcome to you!...
  • Commented on Killing Yacc: 1, 2 & 3
    Hey! It wasn't Lee Van Cleef who hated the Clint. Lee was just in it for the money. Eli Wallach, having been cheated by The Clint, was the one with the grudge....
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  • Aristotle commented on Moving my Perl presence to

    I feel sorry about that, Steve. I get to see most of the caught maybe-spam. For whatever reason, a handful of posts on the site get almost all of the maybe-spam, and two or three of yours are among them. One of mine is another, and SawyerX gets a lot of spam too. I think there are 4 users who bear the brunt of the ambiguously spammy flood, though I can’t remember who the 4th is, and you get by far the most. Don’t ask me why you.

    The rest don’t get harassed much, thankfully.

  • Aristotle commented on Moving my Perl presence to

    (Actually, looking over the recent spam, it is one post of mine that gets spammed, and just about any of yours. SawyerX and whoever the other user was have been left alone – for whatever reason.)

  • mj41 commented on Unexpected PITA progress

    My TapTinder ( , ) is related a bit, but also not as much progress as I wish.

  • Olivier Mengué (dolmen) commented on Padre is now on Github

    Is the old Svn repository now closed or at least frozen?
    What is the policy for commit bits on the new repo?
    Where are issues tracked now? Still in Track? If yes, the "Issues" tab should be disabled on Github.

  • Gábor Szabó - גאבור סבו commented on Djet

    Great! Can you link to the site(s) that are using it?
    Will you create a web-site for Djet?

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