Welcome to Perl Node Interface

You can download last version from sourceforge. If you are on Windows you need Strawberry Perl, just unzip it and click on pni.exe ... if you are on Linux launch the pniguitk script ( but you will need Tk installed ).


Every feedback is welcome !


This seems very much like Sprog, from http://sprog.sourceforge.net/index.html

Looks nice. Some real-world examples would help.

What do you use it for? What do you think it could be used for?

Very nice and I think I'd like to include this in the next "Padre on Strawberry" distribution.

The main issue I have is that I have a very strong preference of installing it directly from CPAN.
I installed both PNI and PNI::Core from CPAN on Win 7 but it did not see any executable to launch it. It also did not specify Tk as a prerequisite and I thought you mentioned that.

Is there a script to launch the application I missed? If not, any chance including one?

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