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  • About: I am an Acmeist Hacker ( I program in many languages to meet many people. Perl people are my favorite people.
  • Posted Perl 6, Surely but Slowly to Ingy döt Net

    Last month I wrote a post about Rakudo being ready for release. I ported a substantial framework from Perl 5 to Perl 6, and it just works. Surely, but sloooooowly!

    I'd like to make the c…

  • Posted Rakudo *'s Really Really Release Ready to Ingy döt Net

    How do you know when a new programming language is ready to be released? You try porting a real software framework to it. I recently completed a port of a Perl 5 framework to the Rakudo implementation of Perl 6, and guess what? It just works! This is my story...

    After only a short ten year…

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