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  • Posted Inline Grant Weekly Report #1 to Ingy döt Net

    Just finished up week #1 of the TPF Grant for Inline Modules with DAVIDO++. We've been having a blast, making great progress, all while trying to push the boundaries of open/public/televised/pair/perl programming!

    Here's our weekly status report (using our new homemade blogging system (thi…

  • Posted Inline Granted to Ingy döt Net

    This news is a couple of weeks old now, but the Inline-for-XS-Modules TPF Grant Proposal was accepted! A big Thank…

  • Posted A Grand, 2014 to Ingy döt Net

    A couple of days ago I got a tip that I was very close to being the first CPAN author to upload 1000 releases in a year (989). Today I topped it off:

    Thus ends my CPAN numbers ambitions. From now on I will concentrate on -Oquality

  • Commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns
    Like I said, this was all just good fun to celebrate CPAN Day....
  • Commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns
    TOBYINK counted 315. Zilla-Dist has an optional logger that I put in for this, which told me 317. Zilla-Dist-0.150 got in on time, but didn't finish PAUSE processing until 4 secs too late. Request entered on: Sat, 16 Aug 2014...
  • Commented on The 19th CPAN Day and the 1st
    Good Times! Thanks NEILB!...
  • Commented on CPAN Day winner?
    That was a fun day. Here's how I did it....
  • Posted CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns to Ingy döt Net

    Sometime in May 2014, ETHER mentioned on IRC that she would soon be passing me up on this leader board. I was number 20 and she wasn't far behind. I guess I took that as a…

  • Posted Perl 6, Surely but Slowly to Ingy döt Net

    Last month I wrote a post about Rakudo being ready for release. I ported a substantial framework from Perl 5 to Perl 6, and it just works. Surely, but sloooooowly!

    I'd like to make the c…

  • Posted Rakudo *'s Really Really Release Ready to Ingy döt Net

    How do you know when a new programming language is ready to be released? You try porting a real software framework to it. I recently completed a port of a Perl 5 framework to the Rakudo implementation of Perl 6, and guess what? It just works! This is my story...

    After only a short ten year…

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  • Neil Bowers commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

    Ingy, here are the top 5 uploaders in a single day:

      316 : INGY        [2014-08-16]
       60 : KENTNL      [2014-08-16]
       52 : SHARYANTO   [2014-08-16]
       42 : ETHER       [2014-08-16]
       42 : PERFSONAR   [2008-01-16]
  • Joel Berger commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

    Spectacular effort sir!

  • Toby Inkster commented on The 19th CPAN Day and the 1st

    Something I just noticed...

    One of those ten new CPAN contributors was Tim Vroom.

    Although this was his first CPAN contribution, he had previously created something else for the Perl community.

  • Honore de Baka commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

    Disclaimer : What's coming next is a rant. You're free to call me a troll, or simply ignore me on the basis that I have no contributions on CPAN and that non-contributors just have the right to shut up. But as CPAN day passed and I often refreshed MetaCPAN's recent page and looked at the changelogs, I couldn't help but feel appalled by the 'quality' of some releases.


    What's even more spectacular is that in those 24 hours and with 317 releases, your fancy new relea…

  • grt@opendevnet commented on CPAN Day - 317 Uploads and 21 Guns

    @Honore - I'm pretty sure Ingy was not trying to "win" CPAN day. If anything he's shown that with the right workflow, automation and tools - vim + git or some VCS + bash (!?) - committing changes and updates to CPAN can be done on a what approaches massive scale. That could be useful for a private archive (c.f. Pinto) or the "mother ship" canonical CPAN itself. So to me, even though some of the changes were "staged" (literally and figuratively), this auto-Ingy-ification was still a useful demonstration of the power of CPAN and perl ... errm and bash :-D

    But mostly I'm impressed becau…

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