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I just finished up a fun and successful Perl QA Hackathon in Berlin. This was my first such event and I'd really like to thank my new employer Liquid Web (more at the bottom) for sponsoring the event and my attendance of it!

As usual I worked on a multitude of various things that were either very interesting or needed my personal attention. The highlights were:

  • Participated in all the toolchain consensus sessions (led by xdg++)
  • Wrote the first version of an interaction Perl YAML Tinker site.
  • Found many many YAML bugs between implementations.
  • Worked on plan to normalize behaviour across YAML implementations. ether++
  • Started a common test suite for Perl YAML modules.
  • Worked with tadzik++ on a YAML parser for Perl6.
  • Worked on some Pegex / Perl6 Rules interop projects with tadzik++
  • Fixed some YAML bugs
  • Fixed bin hashbanging in Zilla::Dist. eserte++
  • Worked on Pegex and String::Slice stuff with alh++
  • Went to a Social Distortion concert with tinita++!!!

Most of all I connected with many of the sharpest, most exciting and motivated minds in Perl today. It has renewed my excitement and dedication to keep moving forward!

I'd like to introduce Liquid Web to the Perl community. They are a medium-sized web hosting company based primarily in Lansing MI. I started working remotely for them a couple months ago. Their core consists of Perl based products developed by a great group of modern developers. We're hiring! Contact me if you want more info.

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