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  • lichtkind commented on Write GUI faster -> GCL

    yes its XML but useful as an abstraction layer for GUI creation with a GUI program, clean programs and to reuse even a WxPython Gui. GCL is in Part to have something better, more human, for same purpose

  • Jakub Narebski commented on Write GUI faster -> GCL

    What about using QML (from Perl)?

  • lichtkind commented on Write GUI faster -> GCL

    QML seems to be much mor low level than what I aim for with GCL. I see the possibility to output QML but goal of GCL is not having to define all the details QML is able to and I didn't even saw in my first quick look into QML that it can handle Sizer in the way GCL does. So there might be even information losses from a dynamic to static design when converting.

  • James commented on Write GUI faster -> GCL

    If we're talking about XML files for building GUIs, there is also Glade for Gtk+.

    Also Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory or (newer) Gapp, or Tk::QuickTk have similar syntaxes, but I think a less method syntax heavy soluction like Tickit::DSL might be better.

  • Jesse Thompson commented on When rand isn't random

    Ack, bit by this in mod_perl 2.0.8! The PerlChildInitHandler workaround seems to solve my problem.

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