A call to Salt Lake City prospective Perl Mongers

I have enjoyed actively participating in the Los Angeles Perl Mongers and Thousand Oaks Perl Mongers groups, but recently relocated to Salt Lake City, UT. So, what stands between Salt Lake City and a Perl Mongers group? You (you know who you are). Anyone interested in participating in a Perl Mongers group in Salt Lake City, please follow-up here or get in touch with me via email.

A request has been submitted to the folks at pm.org for a mailing list, a pm.org hosted site, and a link to the main pm.org map page. Since those nuts and bolts are fastened by volunteers it takes awhile. But we don't have to wait. The time to start organizing something is now.

Perl Mongers groups provide excellent opportunities to get to know others in the local Perl community, to introduce newcomers to Perl's many ways to do it, to learn, to share, and to socialize.


There is a latent Northern Utah Perl Mongers group. We haven't met in years, but there are a few of us that still keep in touch. I wouldn't be opposed to organizing some in-person meetings again.

One thing that may be of interest is the OpenWest conference that is coming up the first week in May. See http://www.openwest.org/ for more info. A few of us will be presenting on Perl-related topics. Prior to this year, the conference was known as the Utah Open Source Conference. This is the first year with the new name.

I would be interested in helping out to get something go and get some in-person meetings going as Fozz mentioned.

I have wanted to get more involved with the local Perl community and think this would be a great thing to get started. Let me know what I can do to help out.

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