YAPC::Europe Day 1

A day of two breakfasts, one at the hotel and one at the conference venue (more Баница) while meeting everyone.

First big announcement of the day was that YAPC::Europe 2015 will be in Granada, Spain.

And then the first talks of the conference. I chose to attend Welcome to Auditing and toughening as part of the Security Development Lifecycle which was an interesting look at how hardening a system is just a small part of the security development lifecycle. John highlighted the importance of a threat model and how avoiding v…

YAPC::Europe Day 0

I travelled from Heathrow to Sofia, Bulgaria very early this morning. I managed to bump into a few airport. I managed to find my hotel and have a proper shower. First order of business was to have a proper lunch, I bumped into someone and we took the shiny new metro system into town and explored the center of town. I managed to pick up a Баница, a pastry with fresh cheese. We then wandered around, found a great Rodin exhibition and made it to the evening meetup a…

Missing YAPC::Europe

I was really looking forward to YAPC::Europe next week in Kiev. The talks looked great and I was looking forward to seeing the Perl community. However, for work reasons I won't make it. This sucks.

What conferences should I go to instead?

YAPC::Europe Day 3

The third and last day of YAPC::Europe and everyone is a little tired after all the socialising and thinking.

This morning there was a little presentation about YAPC::Europe next year in Kiev, Ukraine. Should be cooler!

Stevan Little presented A MOP for Perl 5 which sounds like he's chosen a very simple syntax for nice concise OO code (and a backend).

Kenichi Ishigaki presented CPANTS: Kwalitative website and its tools where he explained the story behind taking over CP…

YAPC::Europe Day 2

Yesterday's attendees dinner in Sachsenhausen was excellent and we did indeed have Apfelwein.

The day started off with Curtis Poe explaining to us the agile manifesto. I think he was trying to get us to all launch startups or at least reengineer our current employments.

Then Clinton Gormley presented To infinity and beyond: Storing your Moose herd in ElasticSearch" where he talked a little about ElasticSearch, a little about scaling and a little more about object mapping.

Sawyer X presented ="http://act.yapc.e…

About acme

user-pic Léon Brocard (aka acme) is an orange-loving Perl eurohacker with many varied contributions to the Perl community, including the GraphViz module on the CPAN. YAPC::Europe was all his fault. He is still looking for a Perl Monger group he can start which begins with the letter 'D'.