YAPC::Europe Day 1

It's the first day of YAPC::Europe in Frankfurt and it's the hottest day of the year so far. It's pretty warm in the conference venue. Max gave us a good introduction to the conference and handed over to the announcement of YAPC::Europe next year: Kiev, Ukraine. Then the star of the show: Larry Wall took a small Perl 5 script and slowly converted it to Perl 6 live, showing some useful debugging features and nice compact clear code.

David Leadbeater presented An exploration of trie regexp matching where he explained the inner workings of Perl's regular expression engine and RE2.

Damien Krotkine presented Dancing with
digging into the live web.

I really enjoyed Lenz Gschwendtner's talk on Continuous deployment with Perl on how to build robust deployment and deploy all the time.

Then I went to sleep outside in the shade as it was all getting a little too hot for me. The organisers kindly provided some icecream!

I came back to see Eric Johnson present Selenium testing with Perl which mirrors work I've been doing recently with Cucumber / Capybara / PhantomJS.

After that it's time for the lightning talks, hosted by me. Lots of little talks with lots of speakers: what could go wrong?

Tonight we have the attendees dinner on the other side of Frankfurt. Time for a little Apfelwein...

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You were the perfect host for the lightning talks and nothing went wrong. So there you go.

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